Welcome to New Members

On behalf of all the existing members, the Board of Directors and the members of the Coordinating Ring (WAOE's management executive) extend a very warm welcome to members who have registered to join the Association in the past few weeks.  We look forward to your becoming active participants in WAOE discussions and other activities.

Orientation Course | Top

As with any unfamiliar organisation, there must be a lot of questions in the minds of recent joiners.  The first place new members should go to for answers, of course is the WAOE Orientation Course.  As well, mostly through links to the Orientation Course, this section of WEB will try to anticipate and answer one or two of the questions new members might be pondering by providing some fundamental information in each issue.

New members - and existing members - might also explore the WAOE Policies and Procedures section of WEB and the About WAOE section.

If you have any question at all about the Association, send it to the Web Editor so we can respond to it in an appropriate section of WEB.


WAOE Orientation Course

Thanks to generous support from long-standing member John Spiers and his LearnOnline organisation, and to the hard conceptualising and drafting work of Treasurer, Jenna Seehafer, WAOE has now established an Orientation Course which will provide essential information on a continual basis about the organisation and how it operates.  Your membership subscription automatically entitles you to access this Course.  In fact, as explained in the advice re Membership Renewal, online enrolment in the Course is the means by which membership of WAOE may be renewed for the 1999/2000 year, or new registrations may be effected.

One of the important benefits of this development is that it will free WEB to concentrate more of its content on helping the communication and community-bulding among members, and on raising major issues of concern to online educators and to the objectives and running of WAOE itself.

Please note that the Web pages for the Orientation Course are still under construction.  Jenna and other WAOE Officers will add sections and items - including several parts of WEB as it now looks - as time permits and opportunity presents.  You can go to the pages in progress either through Orientation Course, or through the View Course link on the WAOE Orientation Course enrolment page.