World Association for Online Education

Electronic Bulletin

Volume 1, No. 10

August 14 1999


 With some reluctance, the WAOE Board of Directors secured the approval of the recent Annual General Meeting to introduce an annual membership fee from July 1 1999.  Receipts from new and renewing memberships - supplemented by donations, sponsorships and grants wherever possible - are an essential source of the small but regular and stable income we need in order to be able to sustain our database management and other Web-based operations, and to extend our communications systems, regional chapters, committee and OCREW networking and special project activities in the interests of improving the quality and professionalism of online education.

Full information on the payment of fees is available as part of the Orientation Course at  The following is a summary of the main points:

1 unit  = $10 = one year WAOE membership
2 units = $20 = two year WAOE membership
3 units = $30 = three year WAOE membership
Any amount over $30 will be taken to be a 3 year WAOE membership plus a donation to WAOE.
(1) Enrol in the WAOE Orientation Course being set up - and still undergoing development - on the LearnOnline site,, courtesy of WAOE member John Spiers, and pay by VISA or Mastercard.

(2) Snail mail a cheque or money order enclosing a slip stating your name and address (if that is not on the check) and your email address (which will
be used to issue receipts)

Please write "WAOE 99/00 Membership Registration fee " on the check or money order at the bottom left or along the top.

Cheques or money orders should be made out and forwarded according to one of the following alternatives:

World-wide: Make out to <Jenna Seehafer, WAOE Treasurer> and send to
                           Jenna Seehafer
                           432 K Street
                           Rio Linda,  CA  95673-3419

Within Australia: Make out to <David Wyatt, WAOE> and send to
                           David Wyatt, WAOE
                           Box 1121, Blackwood Post Office
                           Blackwood SA 5051
Currency equivalents - Australia:
$AUS15 = one year WAOE membership
$AUS30 = two year WAOE membership
$AUS45 = three year WAOE membership
Any amount over $AUS45 will be taken to be a 3 year WAOE membership plus a donation to WAOE.

Within Brazil: contact Roberto Andrea Mueller <> for assistance

Within Japan: follow the detailed instructions prepared by Steve McCarty and posted under para 5 of the notice about payment of dues
Currency equivalents - Japan:
1250 yen = one year WAOE membership
2500 yen = two year WAOE membership
3750 yen = three year WAOE membership
Any amount over 3750 yen will be taken to be a 3 year WAOE membership plus a donation to WAOE

costs of funds transfer or currency exchange would be excessive, and/or that you are in a situation of
severe financial hardship.  Their is more information on the policy and procedure in this issue of WEB.

Application should be made to the Membership Officer.  For convenience, the advice about waiver
of fees includes an email link and some standardised text you could use.  Or go direct from here to
my address <>

data-gathering procedures.  If you have changed your email address since initially registering to join
WAOE, we will identify your current address from   the LearnOnline order form or on the slip
accompanying your payment by mail.  If you wish to advise other changed  details, you should go to
the Membership page of the WAOE Website,
<> and submit a new registration form.

Please email David Wyatt for any clarification or additional information you may need. 

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