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New Education Discussion List/Web Board

Janet Young sent across the following announcement of a new online discussion group.

If you are serious about your career as a teacher, you will be very interested in joining a brand new discussion list.  The Education Companion Newsletter now has a FREE opt-in Discussion Board for Educators. You will network with colleagues from across the country and around the world.  Share lesson plans, solve classroom management issues, get advice on paper ideas, spike your own professional learning curve- keep current with today's critical issues.  Chat will colleagues from all over.  Make chat arrangements for group conferences.  This is for professional educators.  Spammers will be blocked out.   If you are interested in becoming one of the first to join use the links below now!

Anyone "honestly" interested in education today is welcome to join.

The Education Companion Web Board & Professional Chat: Subscribe to Web Board:

Your colleagues look forward to joining your discussion.

It would be good to get feedback from any WAOE member who is participating in this group.

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Where to Conference (Re)Call?

This is a re-run of an item from Web #9.  There were virtually no responses - perhaps because so many members were on either summer or winter vacations when the last issue of WEB appeared - so we are still in two minds whether to dump this section or change it.  But change it to what???   And while we wait on the decision, the Reports section, in particular, looks decidedly thin for lack of input from any member who has done anything online that he or she thinks is worth telling others about.  Please advise!  Web Editor

As the deadline for each issue of WEB comes around, it is becoming increasingly difficult to fill  the Conference Re)Call column with events that meet the criteria we have set.  And it's probably showing.  The main focus of the Reports section of this column is intended to be on reviews by members of WAOE of any conferences, seminars, workshops or other events which they have attended recently where they picked up information which they found useful in their own practice of online education and which they therefore feel is worth passing on to colleagues in the Association.  There is no restriction on the nature of the events themselves, other than the essential points that they should be relevant to the objectives of WAOE, and they should hold some likely interest for members at large.  The Coming Events section, on the other hand, is intended to present opportunities for members to participate in conferences, seminars, workshops discussion groups coming up in the next few weeks.  These events would preferably be conducted online, at least in part, and at little or no cost, so as to offer as few restrictions as possible to WAOE members who may wish to take part in them.

There have been only one or two items submitted by members for the Reports section since it started.  It is hard to believe that, out of some 900 members, there is not even one or two in any given month who have participated in some event or other which would be worth making a brief summary about to pass on to other members.   But unless this kind and level of input comes through to the column from members, it will not be possible to maintain the Reports section at all.  It cannot survive on the capacity of the WEB Editor alone (which basically it has been doing for the past several issues) to check out what is happening around the world, let alone attend and report on at least one event every couple of weeks.  Likewise, it is becoming too demanding a task for this single individual to search the World Wide Web week-in and week-out for appropriate happenings to include in the Coming Events section, however much assisted by judicious subscriptions to various listserves and discussion groups.

We would like to ask, then, what value members place on both the Reports and the Coming Events sections of the Conference (Re)Call column?  Should they be retained in their present form?  In particular, should we broaden the scope of the Coming Events section to promote conferences etc which take place in real time, or which require registration fees?  How willing are members to contribute to the column with reviews of events they have attended, or with news about events coming up?   Are there items other than conferneces and the like which members would like to see reviewed and reported - books or journal articles, for example, or professional development courses?

Please email the WEB Editor to give your answers to these questions, or to offer comments of your own, or to contribute reviews or news items.  And keep them coming in!

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Coming Events

Online Teaching and Learning Experiences

Online Teaching and Learning Experiences is the title of 1999 Conference of the International Online Conference on Teaching Online in Higher Education.  This event will be held (online) on November 8 - 9 1999.  Suggested topics include (but are not limited to):

Applications of web-based tools in instruction

Training faculty for web-based teaching

Managing interaction (email, chat, forum, etc.)

Instructional design of Web-based learning environments

Online student performance assessment

Assessing online courses

Further details are available at


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Call for Proposals - 5th Annual TCC Online Conference

The call is out for presentations to WAOE's alma mater online conference, the annual Teaching in the Community Colleges event which sparked the formation of our Association in 1998.  The  next Conference, to be held April 12-14, 2000, is titled: "A VIRTUAL ODYSSEY: What's Ahead for New Technologies in Learning?"   Here is the notice being sent to a variey of online education forums.

You are invited to sign on as a presenter--a navigator on an exploration into the uncharted waters of the next millennium. Join our quest to determine exactly where 2- and 4-year colleges are and to discover what's ahead for new technologies in learning.  What is our bearing, our present position?  What are we doing right--or wrong?  Help us chart the best possible course for the 21st century: What are the salient trends and issues facing us? Where will we be or where do we want to be in the next 10 to 20 years?

For further information re guidelines for proposals, possible topics, the role of a presenter, registration procedures, key dates, etc., please go to or write to Jim Shimabukuro or Bert Kimura

We won't be changing the basic foundation of presentations, keynotes, and forums established over the past few years; however, we're adding a new way for participants to become actively involved. We're positioning this conference as a staging area, a construction site for a number of reports that will help colleges set a meaningful course for the use of technology in the next century. We'll be forming teams of writers from among the participants to tap the presentations and forums for building material, and the resulting reports will be made available to all participants and to all who are interested. For more information on joining or leading one of the writing teams, please contact Jim Shimabukuro

[The TCC Online Conference is sponsored by the Teaching in the Community Colleges Electronic Journal and the University of Hawaii-Kapiolani Community College.]

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Call for Articles: Learning Technology Newsletter

Learning Technology Newsletter is a semi-annual newsletter which aims mainly to report the activities of Learning Technology Task Force.  The Task Force is an arm of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc (IEEE).  Key responsibility for the Newsletter is carried by Dr Kinshuk who is a member of the WAOE Coordinating Ring in his capacity as Chairperson of the Online Educator Development Committee.  Kinshuk put out a call for contributions earlier in August:

Dear colleagues

We are seeking case studies, project reports and short articles related to emerging and existing learning technologies for October issue of Learning Technology newsletter (ISSN 1438-0625).  If you are interested, please see past issues, author guidelines and other details at:



Kinshuk Publications, IEEE LTTF

Kinshuk is also the Editor of Educational Technology & Society, the journal of the International Forum of Educational Technology & Society and the IEEE Learning Technology Task Force.

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About Conference (Re)Call

The Conference (Re)Call column aims mainly to provide feedback from members on the new knowledge or other value they gained from attending a recent conference or other event to do with one aspect or another of online education. It also includes a Coming Events section, advertising relevant conferences, seminars, workshops or other forums which members will be able to attend at little or no cost. This section will concentrate mainly on online events, because that is WAOE‚s special interest, and because the idea is to promote opportunities which are more or less equally available to WAOE members no matter what part of the world they live in.

The success of Conference (Re)Call therefore depends very heavily on input from members. WAOE officers are already out there reporting on events they‚ve attended and spotting others to come. We‚d like to see all other members doing likewise. You will see from the items in this issue that reports don‚t need to be lengthy or detailed, let alone polished. We think the segment will work best on the simple premise that whatever any one member found worthwhile in attending an online education event, or attractive about an event in the offing is likely to benefit and interest other members. So, let‚s keep those reports and notices coming in to the WEB Editor.


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