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WAOE Server and Database Development

A significant decison was taken at the Board of Directors' Meeting during the latter part of July.  In the context of discussing well-supported moves to establish an Australian chapter of WAOE, the Board went on to consider the Association's urgent need to consolidate and extend its server and database operations.  The outcome was the formation of a working party of the Coordinating Ring to come up with a practical solution by November 1999.

The relevant motion, in its final form reads as follows:

(1) Be it resolved that WAOE agrees to enter into a collaboration with the Australian Web-based Training
Association (AWBTA) to establish an Australian chapter of WAOE.

(2) Be it further resolved that AWBTA will provide such facilities and services to WAOE as a whole as shall be
defined and agreed between the parties, including membership registration processes, database development and
maintenance, and networking and communications throughout WAOE.

(3) Be it further resolved that WAOE and AWBTA will combine expertise and share resources with a view to
establishing comprehensive facilities and services for WAOE, under the domain name, on a server
located in Sydney, Australia,

PROVIDED THAT a working party of the WAOE Coordinating Ring be established to define the long-term server
and database needs of the WAOE, and to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of retaining and extending
the server arrangements in place during 1999 as well as those entailed in transferring WAOE's domain server to
Australia, and thus to identify and recommend to the Board of Directors the most effective solution, by not later
than the end of November 1999.

Any member who would like to work through the extensive debate on this question can go to Agenda Item #5 of the July Directors' Meeting on the WAOE WebBoard.

The working party will be convened by the Chair of the Membership Committee, David Wyatt. The following WAOE members will be asked to make up the core of the group:

Brian Donohue-Lynch, Executive Secretary
Jenna Seehafer, Treasurer
Ross Reid, who is re-designing WAOE's database operations
Mihkel Pilv. Vice-President

Other WAOE members with relevant expertise and interest are welcome to join this group - so long as it doesn't grow too big to be an efficient forum for detailed discussion - or to participate more casually in the discussion.  The working party should begin its deliberations online around the end of August.  Please send any comments or questions to David Wyatt.

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Multilingual WAOE

President Steve McCarty has been spearheading the important process of setting up WAOE Websites and providing access to information about us in a range of languages. The Spanish site is the location for a regional chapter - an exciting development for the Association that seems destined to expand.  This summary "progress report" comes from the WAOE Organisational Page that Steve has recently set up in Japan.

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Answer inquiries about WAOE in German or Italian - Arun-Kumar Tripathi:
In English, World Association for Online Education
In German, Welt Gesellschaft fuer die Online Bildung

WAOE: Kombinierende Widmung zu online Lernen Mit Spa? und kulturellem Umtausch.

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Answer inquiries about WAOE in Romanized Hindi - Arun-Kumar Tripathi:

In English, World Association for Online Education
In Romanized Hindi or Sanskrit, Vishwa Shikshana Online Sanstha

Please send an e-mail inquiring about the World Association for Online Education to Arun Kumar Tripathi (English)
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WAOE: la dedicazione che combina alla cultura di online Col divertimento e lo scambio culturale.
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tsuite denshi meeru de tazunete kudasai. Mata wa, WAOE no koto o sukoshi byousha
shite-iru enkaku kyoiku ni kansuru gakkai no kouen o etsuran shite kudasai.

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