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When I heard about the launch of the Audiograph suite of free multimedia educational software tools at Massey University in New Zealand, I chased up more information and a short bio piece from the leader of the development team, old hand member Chris Jesshope
Here's what Chris sent me. Web Editor


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So, who am I and what do I do for my crust, for my employers at Massey University in New Zealand?  (Massey University has an established history of distance ediucation and is a multi-campus institution as well as having a large base of extramural students.)  Well I used to be Head of the Department of Computer Science but here, as with many institutions, we have undergone a process of reorganisation, for better or for worse.  So now I have many hats but still only one chair!  Thus I am:
  • Professor of Computer Science in the Institute of Information Sciences and Technology
  • Leader of the Computer Science Group
  • Convenor of the Computer-based Learning and Multimedia Research Group
  • And recently I have been appointed as Director of NZEdSoft, a newly formed commercial centre at Massey University, which was established to market the research from the CBL & MM Group. This is a new venture for Massey and the aim is to be able to support and innovate in the area of computer-based learning.

    My interests are in software systems to support teaching via the web. Currently we are developing remote lecture delivery systems, which include MPEG video streams, and our future plans are in the area of artificial tutors. Our past work in the area of multi-media authoring for dummies (i.e. lecturers like you and me) has recently been launched as a commercial product. 

    AudioGraph - A way forward in Net-based Teaching (Media Release)

    NZEdSoft (New Zealand Educational Software) is pleased to announce the launch of its AudioGraph tools, a suite of multimedia educational software. These tools have the potential to make multimedia authoring as simple as writing a word processor document and will make the world-wide web and multimedia accessible to any teacher or lecturer who has acquired a basic computer literacy.

    Imagine being able record the material you would normally present to your class and then automatically create web pages that students can view and hear using a standard web browser.  An experienced user can prepare a multi-media web lecture with the use of the AudioGraph in not much more time than it would take to deliver the material to a class. Once recorded however it can be put on CD ROM or on a web server and can be viewed at any time and at any place by your students.

    The AudioGraph tools create a web site from a set of presentation graphics, such as a PowerPoint presentation and allow the presenter to annotate those
    slides with pen input, graphics and with voice. All this is compressed and made into a web site automatically, where each link plays back one or more
    slides.  In the browser the student can interact with the presentation, using hyperlinks and can start and stop the presentation with simple controls just like a tape recorder.  Because of the compression used, the presentations can be downloaded across even relatively slow modem connections allowing access to the material to almost any student who has a home computer.

    Although the recorder makes use of the superior multimedia capabilities of the Macintosh computer, it has been recognised that this is not the computer of choice for most students, the majority of whom use Windows PCs of some variety. Because of this, NZEdSoft has made players available for both Windows (95/98/NT) and Macintosh computers.  These players integrate painlessly into Netscape or Internet Explorer Web browsers and provide the capability to read AudioGraph presentations.  Both players are being distributed absolutely free with a licence allowing personal, non-commercial use.

    NZEdSoft is a fully commercial unit associated with Massey University and has been established to support, promote and sell the AudioGraph Tools.  It is quite appropriate that initially these sales will be made through the Internet.  It will be possible to download and evaluate the AudioGraph Recorder from NZEdSoft's web sites and from most Macintosh shareware libraries.  This software is fully functional with the exception that presentations produced can not be compressed and exported as web sites.  To do this a licence must be purchased, which will unlock the software's full potential. A single-user licence can be purchased for $499 NZ with substantial discounts for educational use.  For further information concerning licences, including site licence negotiations, contact: or

    The software can be downloaded from: or

    Chris Jesshope, director of NZEdSoft says that the AudioGraph tools will revolutionise way in which educational and training material can be presented to students and with NZEdSoft hopes to surf the wave of net-based teaching, which is one of the fastest growing market sectors world-wide.

    The creation of NZEdSoft has been supported by New Technology Developments at Massey University. New Technology Manager, Dr Josephine Serrallach, says that the AudioGraph falls between presentation software and multi-media authoring tools. The ease of use of the AudioGraph interface opens the market to non-professional users in the areas of online education, product documentation and training, and web page design.


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