Forthcoming Meetings

Planning and Finance Committee

The Planning and Finance Committee (PFC) is an advisory committee whose purpose is to make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding
issues concerning incorporation, bookkeeping, accounting, banking, currency exchange, tax status, and financial planning for WAOE. PFC meetings are held entirely online over a 48 hour period on the third Friday and Saturday GMT of every month in which a special or annual meeting is not held.


The next PFC meeting will begin at 1500 GMT on the 20th of August and end at 1500 GMT on the 22nd of August. The agenda will be posted and
meetings will take place at the WAOE WebBoard (contact Michael Warner if you need a password for the WAOE WebBoard). Meetings will be held by email addressed to all members of the committee if the Web-board is not available.

If you are interested in participating on this committee, please send an email to the Treasurer, Jenna Seehafer.


About this Section

Each issue, this section of WEB will include information about meetings of WAOE committees, OCREWs and other groups that are coming up within the ensuing fortnight. All members of WAOE - both associate and voting members - are welcome to attend these meetings and contribute to discussion. Of course, only the duly elected or otherwise designated members of WAOE's organisational committees may take part in any formal voting on matters for decision.


Time conversion site

To help arrange synchronous meetings, WAOE uses World Time Zone in JavaScript.