About WEB

The WAOE Electronic Bulletin (WEB) is the official newsletter of the World Association for Online Education. WEB will raise issues relevant to the conduct and development of the Association, convey important information to WAOE members, encourage active participation in the affairs of the Association, and provide a forum for members to make a contribution.

WEB will be posted every two weeks to a mirror Website - URL http://www.waoe.org/web/index.htm.  At the time of publication each member will be sent an email message stating the URL and listing the contents of the current issue.  Those few members who are unable to access WEB via the Website, or who prefer to receive the bulletin via email, will be sent each issue both as an email message and as an attached file in html format.

If you missed an issue and would like to look back, WEB is now archived on the WAOE Website.

Members are still expected to subscribe to WAOE-News (see WAOE Links), because that listserve will continue to operate as the medium for official announcements, which you may expect to become more frequent as WAOE develops.  WEB will adopt a more comprehensive, detailed and newsy approach to providing items of useful and interesting information to members than is appropriate via WAOE-News.  In particular, it will act as a gateway to the various and growing number of sites and locations within WAOE where exciting things are happening.