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関西大学 国際部 Lecturer: Steve McCarty

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ICT in Japan

Ubiquitous Language Learning from Mobile Internet to iPod to iPad McCarty 2014 presentation

US-Japan Policy Cooperation on the Internet Economy - US State Department (2017)

Emoji: Evolution of Emoticons Japan Times (2016) /
Japan's emoji creator AP (2017)

Apple iPhone7 accommodates Japan
Nippon.com (2016) / Japan's Social Media Freshtrax (2016)

Japanese Children & Smartphones Japan Times (2015) / Children's Media Use Survey Benesse (2014)

Ministry of Internal Affairs & Communications (総務省): White Papers on ICT in Japan (2015) / ICT Policies

Vision for ICT in Education (see especially Chapter 3) - 2011 Education Ministry MEXT paper (.pdf)

Distance Education in Japanese higher education - Kumiko Aoki 2015 report

Learn Japanese online free in various languages Japan Foundation

Companies the class may encounter

Panasonic (Osaka) / article on Panasonic in Fortune (2015) / supporting World Heritage

Panasonic to launch megaphone that can translate Japan Times (2016)

NTT Data (Tokyo) / Scanning Vatican Library works / NTT Data & Twitter TNT (2015)

NTT Data Singapore joint venture for remote assist systems employing smart glasses

NTT Facilities invents AI system to protect buildings from earthquake damage Asahi (2017)

NTT Docomo people mapping linked to mobile phones will aid disaster management Asahi (2017)

Companies adopt English as their official language Business Insider (2014)

Amending Japan's information laws Japan Times (2015)

Mizuho Bank offers AI trading platform for stocks Japan Times (2017)

Masayoshi Son's investments in AI New York Times (2017)

Economics, immigration and foreign workers

Japanese government will help foreign students find jobs Japan Times (2015)

Japanese firms turn to Asia for good graduates (to work in Japan, too) Japan Times (2015)

Japan's immigration policy (2006) / Abenomics hinges on immigration policy Japan Times (2014)

Japan grows more open to foreign workers as population declines Japan Times (2016)

Japan quietly accepting foreign workers - just don't call it immigration Japan Times (2016)

More foreign students find work after graduating Japanese universities Japan Times (2016)

Vietnamese Students Are Pouring Into Japan Bloomberg (2017)

New government visa guidelines for companies hiring foreign students Japan Times (2017)

Japanese society

Japanese People & Society McCarty site for the Japan International Cooperation Agency

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistical Handbook of Japan (2016)

Japan's new middle class / Too few workers better than too many Japan Times (2017)

Ministry of Education statistics on Education (2013) / Science & Technology (2015)

Nippon.com: Big Data / Japanese Manners and Etiquette / Manga and Anime

Global University Rankings
/ Kansai universities & how to rise in rankings (McCarty, 2016)

For the Kansai University Division of International Affairs, Steve McCarty
also teaches Research Methods for Social Sciences and ICT for the KUGF,
and counsels for the International Education Support Office (

New book: Implementing Mobile Language Learning Technologies in Japan
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