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****** WAOE-VIEWS (July 1998-April 2003) ******

From April 2003 see:

[WAOE Views] World Association for Online Education free membership

Re: [WAOE Views] The origin

[WAOE Views] Please avoid sending attachments to Views

[WAOE Views] TCC 2003 Online Conference registration

[WAOE Views] Fwd: Free Discussion Board and CMS

Re: [WAOE Views] Fwd: Free Discussion Board and CMS

[WAOE Views] FWD: TCC 2003 ONLINE CONFERENCE April 22-24

[WAOE Views] Newly Appointed WAOE Officers

[WAOE Views] Culture and Communication vis-a-vis CMC in the Mideast

[WAOE Views] The Global Distance Education Network

[WAOE Views] Message from Bulgaria

[WAOE Views] WAOE Main Site Updated

[WAOE Views] ELearnChina Conference 2003

[WAOE Views] WebCT in Japan / distance education grants for Asia
Response to a response:

Re: [WAOE Views] Current Bio of Bunyamin ATICI

[WAOE Views] Interview with Parker Rossman in The Technology Source

[WAOE Views] Member-Member Networking

[WAOE Views] 'Digital Bridges: Developing countries in the knowledge economy
by Dr. John Afele

Re: [WAOE Views] Economics of Virtual Community Activities

[WAOE Views] Global Online Education survey response from Turkey

Re: [WAOE Views] Membership Certificate / Cross-cultural differences in CMC

Re: [WAOE Views] Networking Mechanism for WAOE

[WAOE Views] Greater readership of e-journals

[WAOE Views] New WAOE Russian initiative

[WAOE Views] Public Knowledge Project for Free Online Journals

[WAOE Views] Mobile phone photo mail in Japan

[WAOE Views] Technology for Education in Developing Countries

[WAOE Views] Web presentations through Surf Gear

[WAOE Views] Greater readership of e-journals

[WAOE Views] New WAOE Russian initiative

[WAOE Views] Public Knowledge Project for Free Online Journals

[WAOE Views] Mobile phone photo mail in Japan

[WAOE Views] Technology for Education in Developing Countries

[WAOE Views] Web presentations through Surf Gear

WAOE Views] Personal Media and the Human Community

[WAOE Views] International Program for Africa @WAOE

[WAOE Views] WAOE Organizational Sites updated (summer 2002)

[WAOE Views] Whither predictions from the past Millenium?

[WAOE Views] New Knowledge Finder for Open and Distance Education

[WAOE Views] Open Source movement

RE: [WAOE Views] [EdResource] Research on virtual learning environments

Re: [WAOE Views] WAOE, DEOS, Open Source Learning, etc.
in response to:

[WAOE Views] FWD: Launch_of_"Indian_Society_of_Distance_Education"

Re: [WAOE Views] FWD: Launch_of_"Indian_Society_of_Distance_Education"

Re: [WAOE Views] Research Synthesis in Online Learning

Re: [WAOE Views] Australian Virtual High School

Re: [WAOE Views] Accessibility

Re: [WAOE Views] No Attack Petition...

Re: [WAOE Views] Info Youth --message posted by Bonnie Bracey

FWD: Re: [WAOE Views] Info Youth --message posted by Bonnie Bracey

[WAOE Views] [New online article: "Intercultural Family Values"]

[WAOE Views] Islamic and Balinese voices

[WAOE Views] Shimabukuro, Lin and Downes articles

Re: [WAOE Views] Embodiment, Upanishads & Cyberpace and Postmodern Literatures
in response to:

Re: [WAOE Views] OK, I'm Back! [Response]

[WAOE Views] FWD: This is Our Time/ Call for Participation 2002

[WAOE Views] Correspondence Education and Online Education in Japan

Re: [WAOE Views] addresses / African issues

[WAOE Views] Transcript of "WAOE - The Future of Universities"

[WAOE Views] Tokyo International Business Communicators Conference

[WAOE Views] Web functionality of various programs

May 21-23, 2002: Extended Registration Deadline

[WAOE Views] FWD: International Conference: ICTs in EDUCATION 2002

[WAOE Views] WAOE Organizational Sites

[WAOE Views] FWD: Accepted Contributions -
ICTE 2002 - Deadline May 30

[WAOE Views] From Russia with Lessons

[WAOE Views] Annual Members' Meeting event

[WAOE Views] Daily Digest Available

[WAOE Views] FWD: First Monday June 2002

[WAOE Views] Being Situated Virtually

RE: [WAOE Views] Being Situated Virtually

[WAOE Views] Executive Secretary Position

FWD: Re: [WAOE Views] [WAOE Ring] Executive Secretary Position

[WAOE Views] Online Education Interview for a Magazine

[WAOE Views] WAOE Annual Members' Meeting (AMM2002) AGENDA

[WAOE Views] WAOE Annual Members' Meeting (AMM2002) Revised AGENDA

FWD: RE: [WAOE Views] Japanese perception and reaction to terrorism

[WAOE Views] AMM2002 starting now

[WAOE Views] Annual Members' Meeting progress and guests

[WAOE Views] WAOE Java from Brazil

[WAOE Views] From India to Brazil about Africa - reply from Japan

[WAOE Views] FWD: Introduction of Dr. Parker Rossman

[WAOE Views] Fwd: Global University System

Re: [WAOE Views] Opinion

[WAOE Views] WAOE 2002 Annual Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

[WAOE Views] WAOE AMM 2002 Adjournment of Business

Re: [WAOE Views] MetaCollege

[WAOE Views] Appointed WAOE Officers to be Ratified

[WAOE Views] Fwd: H-JAPAN (E): "Japanese Perceptions and Reactions to Terrorism"

Re: [WAOE Views] TAPPED IN Summer Carnival 2002

[WAOE Views] WAOE Membership Database Program Options?

[WAOE Views] TappedIn newsletter - last call to MOO

[WAOE Views] Brief report on the synchronous AMM2002 event

Re: [WAOE Views] Guru, male or female

Re: [WAOE Views] OK, I'm Back!

[WAOE Views] New and updated directories of the WAOE President

[WAOE Views] New WAOE Coordinating Ring Member

Re: [WAOE Views] Just some thoughts...

[WAOE Views] Internet Archive Wayback Machine

[WAOE Views] Face-to-face dependence and e-learning

[WAOE Views] Pros and mostly Cons of Synchronous Learning

[WAOE Views] Free E-mail Users Beware

[WAOE Views] Call for International Distance Learning Panel

[WAOE Views] Educational Portal of the Americas - Call for Essays

Re: [WAOE Views] [WAOE Ring] Hold down the fort, rock steady, etc. (fwd)

[WAOE Views] "Overcoming Face-to-Face Dependence in Distance Education:
Gender and Cultural Considerations"

[WAOE Views] [Child Research Net (CRN) questionnaire]

[WAOE Views] Asian Association of Open Universities 2002 conference

[WAOE Views] The World Bank's Global Development Learning Network

[WAOE Views] Coding problem and alternative

[WAOE Views] Virtual University Track at International
Resources Management Association conference

[WAOE Views] ODE in Asia and the Pacific Rim

[WAOE Views] Two (inter)faces of (WAOE-)views

[WAOE Views] Constructivism in Real Life

[WAOE Views] WAOE Website URLs

Re: [WAOE Views] 2-bit characters and WebCT..?

[WAOE Views] Arun's Cyberworld and philosophy papers

[WAOE Views] QuickTeam Site Shut Down

[WAOE Views] Tide turns from online to offline

[WAOE Views] Journal of Online Education & E-Learning Magazine

[WAOE Views] Japan's Child Research Net Bulletin Board

[WAOE Views] Temporary e-mail address of our President, Prof. Steve McCarty

[WAOE Views] Messages from Southeast Asia

[WAOE Views] Stages of acceptance of new educational technology

Re: [WAOE Views] Stages of acceptance of new educational technology

[WAOE Views] From Australia regarding adoption of new edtech

[WAOE Views] Fwd: From Australia regarding adoption of new edtech]

Re: [WAOE Views] DL programs using broadband access in Internet

[WAOE Views] Prof. Mary Dereshiwsky appointed as WAOE officer

Re: [WAOE Views] Digest

[WAOE Views] Child Research Net Newsletter & other news

[WAOE Views] South Korea update

[WAOE Views] Microsoft's tentacles in the e-learning field

[WAOE Views] Electronic Conference on e-Learning

[WAOE Views] Asian developing nations need ICT and e-Learning

[WAOE Views] WAOE Annual Members' Meeting (AMM2001) - General Summary

Re: [WAOE Views] Southeast Asian Conferences [by Begum Ibrahim]

[WAOE Views] A Misconception About Using Media Equipment
[sent by Sakura Suzuki for Mariko Tokoro]

[WAOE Views] Industry & Academy / MetaCollege Chats

[WAOE Views] Instructors' vs. students' views of what is vital in online classes

[WAOE Views] Thanks for AMM2001

[WAOE Views] Announcement of WAOE Membership Certificate & Assistant Treasurer

[WAOE Views] Try taking a screen shot of the WAOE Membership Certificate

[WAOE Views] Results of the Election at AMM2001 [messages by others]

[WAOE Views] Emerging Worldwide Electronic University book now online

Re: [WAOE Views] learning environment for e-learning

[WAOE Views] Acknowledging WAOE Membership

Re: [WAOE Views] Acknowledging WAOE Membership

[WAOE Views] Japanese-style creativity with children and media

[WAOE Views] G8 Digital Opportunities Task Force & Japan

[WAOE Views] Call for Learning Technology Newsletter articles

[WAOE Views] Southeast Asian Conferences

[WAOE Views] A balance between offline and online for children

[WAOE Views] WAOE Annual Members' Meeting: Preliminary Notice

Re: [WAOE Views] WAOE to pay for Advanced Courseware

[WAOE Views] International Symposium on Online Learning in Kuala Lumpur

[WAOE Views] WAOE Online Educator Development Committee (OEDC)

[WAOE Views] What Online Education Is, with particular reference to Japan

[WAOE Views] WAOE Latin American and Southeast Asian Affiliations

[WAOE Views] WAOE icon available for members' home pages

[WAOE Views] WAOE Feb-March 2001 Board Meeting Summary

Re: [WAOE Views] Stockholm Challenge

[WAOE Views] China conference paper cites WAOE as model for collaboration

[WAOE Views] WAOE Website updated (16 March 2001)

Re: [WAOE VIEWS] Online learning and Telnet

Re: [WAOE VIEWS] question [on health & computers]

[WAOE VIEWS] University-corporate e-learning consortia and WAOE

[WAOE VIEWS] WAOE organizational page and one-stop portal

[WAOE VIEWS] February 2001 WAOE Board of Directors Meeting

[WAOE Views] User ID and Password system in WAOE

[WAOE Views] New WAOE Officer Appointments

Re: [WAOE Views] User ID / WAOE in the news again

[WAOE Views] WAOE listed at UNESCO portal

[WAOE Views] WAOE to pay for Advanced Courseware

[WAOE VIEWS] WAOE's public discussion list has a new name and address
[WAOE VIEWS] "Reforms in Computer Education that are Possible for Japan"
[WAOE VIEWS] Ideas for the Encyclopedia of Educational Technology
Re: [WAOE VIEWS] WebCT framing other sites
[WAOE VIEWS] Korean Cyber-U, Chinese conf. on Teaching Online
[WAOE VIEWS] Brazilian DE Code of Ethics / Vocational Guidance in the UK
[WAOE VIEWS] Seeking suggestions for an Internet handbook in Japanese
[WAOE VIEWS] Stanford's East Asia Technology Management Seminar
Re: [WAOE VIEWS] Greetings again!
[WAOE VIEWS] Submissions to
[WAOE VIEWS] WAOE Online Educator Development: MetaCollege starts charging
[WAOE VIEWS] New Books on Global Themes from Melbourne and Paris
Re: [WAOE VIEWS] WAOE Online Educator Development ...
[WAOE VIEWS] Web-based Education Commission's Final Act
[WAOE VIEWS] Before your e-dress changes / Backflip
[WAOE VIEWS] Web-based Education Commission's findings in Real Video or Text
[WAOE VIEWS] Japan's Net Expo 1218

******* WAOE-NEWS 米国アイダホ大学 *******

"Thanks from Japan" (27 April 1998)

"Voluntaristic Online Education Sources" (1 May 1998)

"A Real Virtual Organization Being Born" (11 May 1998)

"WWW Journal of Online Education" (12 May 1998) 


"WAOE JOURNAL" (28 May 1998)

"WAOE Committee System ... " (2 June 1998)

"Continuation of Proposed Committee List Submitted by Steve McCarty" (2 June 1998)

"Newest Member Since Elections ... " (1 September 1998)

"WAOE Propositions ... " (8 September 1998)

"WAOE Workgroups and Committees ... " (8 September 1998)

[WAOE Appointed Officers] (10 September 1998)

[WAOE's supporting institutions]

Here It Is: WAOE News Release (20 November 1998)

[WAOE] Appointments Posted by S. McCarty 5 Dec 98

Web Design Chair, Posted by S. McCarty

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