Global University System Correspondence Inventory
Steve McCarty, Professor, Kagawa Junior College, Japan

Global University System e-Testimony to Congress

09/17/00, Global University System

Global University System Early 2001 Correspondence

Principles and directions of community development - February 3, 2001

Dr. Utsumi's April-May travels vis-a-vis Nicaragua Seminar - February 2, 2001

Visit to Cavite State University in the Philippines - February 1, 2001

Zimbabwe, Jordan and Cornell University - February 1, 2001

Manila AAOU 10/2000 keynote by Dr. Kona'i Thaman of USP/Fiji - January 31, 2001

Work on all fronts simultaneously needed for global e-learning - January 30, 2001

Preparation of seminar in Cebu/Philippines on 4/20 - January 29, 2001

Contacts for establishing GUS/Nigeria - January 27, 2001

Tapio's essay on e-learning and intercultural conference - January 26, 2001

Report on Dr. Utsumi's visit to UNESCO/Paris on 1/12 - January 25, 2001

Requesting help for PROMETEUS of European Commission - January 23, 2001

Report on trip to European Commission in Luxembourg and Brussels - January 22, 2001

Current status of our various projects - January 20, 2001

Bob Converse for seminar in Cebu, the Philippines - January 20, 2001

Visit to Markle Foundation on 2/9 - January 5, 2001

English proposed as second official language of Japan - January 5, 2001

Contributions to "Handbook of Distance Education" - January 4, 2001

Sir Arthur C. Clarke Day in Washington D.C. on 2/7/01 - January 2, 2001

Global University System Mid-2000 Correspondence

Houston CC test-bed of broadband wireless unit

PPT slides for gLearning, LINCOS, and GUS/Ukraine

Sincere congratulations on new position at UNESCO

DVD-ROM and Electronic Books for ESL plan

ESL program for Japanese business people

Funding strategy for EC Information Day

Availability on 1/12/01 at UNESCO/Paris

English as a Second Language e-Learning course proposal

Inquiry to visit UNESCO in Paris on 1/12/01

Inquiring about Rockwell funding for our Manaus project

Christmas Present from Chinese children

Web-Based Education Commission final report on 12/19

Fund-raising trip to European Commission in Luxembourg

Obtaining NGO status under UNESCO

Cebu/Philippine operations

New campus design for University of Roraima, Brazil

Seminar/Workshop in Cebu, Philippines - December 7, 2000

"Role of Youth in Promoting Peace" by Dr. Motilal Sharma

Possible connection with Bangladesh

Final report of the Web-based Education Commission

New coalition member for GUS/Philippines - December 5, 2000

Workshop for GUS/Ukraine at UK Open University next April

Fund raising for GSTF and GUS projects - December 4, 2000

Streaming video of Ambassador Mbanefo of Nigeria (12/5/00)

Connection to Nigeria for GUS project - November 30, 2000

Asking Hewlett-Packard to participate in our Manaus project

WB's GDG project and our GUS, GBI and GSTF projects

Pakistan Ambassador Kamal's streaming video on 10/28

Possible connection with Brazilian Virtual University

Connection to Italy and Kosovo

Connection with Mexico

International Education session at Fulbright conference on 12/3 in DC

English for Japan in the 21st Century

Contacts made in Manila last month^20-a.html

Connection to Cebu City in the Philippines

Initiating Nigerian connection for GUS project

Global University System in Pakistan

GUS/Philippines coalition formed in Manila, 10/25-31/00

Minutes of TechNet seminar on GSTF at InfoDev/World Bank on 10/19/00

Report on TechNet seminar on GSTF at InfoDev/World Bank

Possible telehealth project in the Caribbean

GSTF presentation of possible pilot project in Amazonia on 10/19

Peter de Blanc's trip to Bangkok

Global University System (GUS) in Argentina

Invitation Committee for Global Summit of GSTF Project

TechNet Seminar on GSTF at InfoDev/World Bank on 10/19

Web-based English Teaching Program, LINCOS, Vietnam, etc.

Visit to Beijing

Code of Ethics for Distance Education in Guidelines for E-Learning

Additional material for our E-Testimony to Congress - September 24, 2000

Dr. Utsumi's trip to to Manila and Tokyo

Forming Invitation Committee for Global Summit of GSTF project

Possible videoconferencing & telemed demos in Caracas, 11/26

E-Testimony for US Congress on GUS, GBI and GSTF projects

Proposal of E-Testimony for Web-Based Education Commission

Preparation of workshop in Sheffield, England

NGO under UNESCO / UNAMAZ mtg / Global E-Learning Guidelines

Ihor's paper for Leuven, Belgium conference, 10/20-21/00

Vietnam, Kuala Lumpur, Sheffield/England, and Leuven/Belgium

Possible use of Global Broadband Internet (GBI)

UNESCO Man And Biosphere (MAB) program

UN/OOSA workshop on digital divide in Kuala Lumpur, 11/20-24/00

Congressional Hearing on Web-Based Education, 9/14-15/00

Dr. Jesus Perez to Chair the Manila workshop

Invitation Committee for Global Summit of GSTF project

Report on Dr. Utsumi's Real Video talk on 8/29/00

Ukrainian Distance Learning (UDL System) Project

Report on conferences in Sao Paulo, 8-13-18, Part I

Comments on K-12 education project proposal

My Real Video talk at 9 pm (EDT) on 8/29/00

Global University System Special Advisors

Attendees of ICDE and ABED conferences in Sao Paulo (8/13-15/00)

Roger Boston's paper on Multimedia Distance Instruction at Low Bandwidths

Videoconferencing during Guam workshop

Book on "Networking Health: Prescriptions for the Internet"

Workshop at St. Luke's College of Medicine in Quezon City

Planning telemed demo at St. Luke's College in Quezon City

European Virtual University conference deadline extended

Creation of a Virtual University in Pakistan

Conference to create a European Virtual University

Telemedicine conference in Saudi Arabia

Greetings for Guam workshop

ICDE/ABED meetings in Sao Paulo on 8/13-18/00

Conference/workshop of OOSA and UNIDO in Vienna

Okinawa Charter on Global Information Society akin to GSTF

Responses to questionnaires for "Rescue Iridium" project

Possible change of Manila workshop dates to Jan. 2001

InfoDev Conference Scholarship Fund and support messages

GSTF suggestion / WorldSpace satellites for E. Asia & W. Pacific

Market survey questionnaire to rescue Iridium

Poverty reduction with Information technology in developing countries

Helping Internet Society's report to UNESCO

UK Open University: Ihor's visit & Paul's paper

Distance learning operations in Pakistan

Wireless Internet approach in Mozambique

Rescue Iridium follow-up / GSTF for the Western Pacific

Web learning platform

Bruce Best's bio for Manila workshop NSF travel grant application

Africa / World Bank Global Distance Learning Network

Position openings at UNESCO

Brainstorming meeting in Caracas, Venezuela

Sao Paulo ICDE/ABED conference / possible August Roraima workshop

Summary paper on GUS and GSTF projects

Sherri's bio for NSF travel grant application

Manaus telemed demo / Dan Hague's Bio for Manila telemed

GLOSAS Board, Rescue Iridium report & GSTF Summit plan

Preparation of Manila workshop on 10/29-31/2000

Workshop in Guam on 8/1-3/2000

Agenda for "Rescue Iridium" workshop on 6/20th

GUS Africa Ghana initiative

Initiating GUS Africa operation

"Rescue Iridium" workshop on 6/20th

Distance learning activities in the Western Pacific region

Preparation for Manila workshop on 10/29th to 31st

"Rescue Iridium" workshop on 6/20th

Possible brainstorming in Caracas, Venezuela in November

Brief report of my visit to the University of Roraima on 6/3rd

Brief report about our Manaus mini-workshop, 5/31-6/2

Manila workshop on 10/29th to 10/31st

Message of Program Chair for Manaus mini-workshop, 5/31-6/2, 2000

Audio/video streaming of Manaus event

"Rescue Iridium" workshop and GSTF project

JICA seminar & Japan's digital divide plan for July Okinawa Summit

UNESCO connections

Possible broadband Internet for telemedicine in Venezuela

Science and ethics of Japan

MoU for GUS partnerships

Workshop on "Rescue Iridium" project

Low cost teleconferencing by Roger Boston for Manaus workshop

Global model of International Futures

Paper on GUS for 5/31-6/2, 2000 Manaus workshop

Global University System Early 2000 Correspondence

Global University System Early 2000 Correspondence

Inquiry on the date of workshop for "Rescue Iridium" project

Telemed demo for Manila and Manaus mini-workshops

Cooperative agreement between the European Community and the USA

Barry Hughes' Global Model

Suggestions for the government of Pakistan

Suggesting broadband satellite approach to Egypt and Arabic countries

DRAFT/Global Peace Gaming for S3 in SIMULATION

$2+ billion fund for Education by the World Bank

Demo of Global Peace Gaming at Newropean Congress on 10/5-7, 2000 in Paris

Bucky's World Game

Connection with Egypt and Arabic countries

Educational exchange via broadband Internet

Telemed demo and videoconferencing of Manaus workshop on 5/31st

Bridge time during our Manaus workshop on 5/31st

Contacts in Manila for telemedicine demo and mini-workshop

Peter Knight's final report Lessons_from_infoDev_Projects

Global Peace Gaming (Part II)

Rescue of Iridium's 66 satellites at $5 billion (Part IV / Responses)

Draft for Proceedings of the Unispace 3 Conference in Vienna, Austria

Global Peace Gaming / Past and future possibilities

Invitation from InfoDev

Rescue of Iridium's 66 satellites at $5 billion (Part III / Responses)

Video-bridge for telemedicine demo at Manaus workshop on 5/31 (Part II)

Scenario USED for peace gaming at 1986 GLH

Class on Peace Gaming at Univ. of Hawaii

Rescue of Iridium's 66 satellites at $5 billion (Part II / Responses)

Support letter for NSF travel grant application [Manaus Mini-Workshop]

Video-bridge for telemedicine demo at Manaus workshop on May 31st

Rescue of Iridium's 66 satellites at $5 billion

Preparation for Manila workshop

Use of satellite for telemedicine

Summary of G8 Education Ministers' Meeting in Tokyo, 4/1-2/00

Draft of Travel Grant Application to the NSF for the Manaus Mini-Workshop

Meeting for native American community project and others

Preparation for mini-workshop in Manila

Collaboration with Malaysia and South Asian countries

Conference of Association of Egyptian American Scholars in Toronto, 6/2-4/00

Telemedicine demo with Univ. of Michigan during Manaus workshop

Follow-up to Roger Boston's StarLink show

Videoconference from Renaissance Center during Manaus workshop

Respectfully requesting Agilent Technologies' help

Possible collaboration with Egyptian group

Distance Learning for the Disabled

About the Report "Networking Health: Prescriptions for the Internet"

A Comprehensive Electronic Distance Learning Tool

Broadband Internet for telemedicine

Toward free Internet access

Respectfully requesting help for our Filipino colleagues

Dr. Sutaria's article on international cooperation in learning environment technology

Respectfully requesting Agilent Technologies' help

Preparation of Website for Manaus mini-workshop, 5/31- 6/2/00

UNESCO's Guenther Cyranek on Virtual Learning Environments

Call for Fulbright fellowships featuring e-commerce

TELESYNERGY medical consultation workstation

Preparation of demonstrations during workshop in Manila

Applications to Grass Roots Fund of Japanese government from Pakistan and Uganda

Native American and Canadian Community Project [3] - February 27, 2000

GSTF project under the auspices of CITI - February 26, 2000

Knowledge generation with broadband Internet - February 26, 2000

Reply to comments on GSTF by Michel Menou - February 26, 2000

Peter Knight's evaluation of our Tampere event - February 26, 2000

Preparation of telemedicine demo at Manaus mini-workshop [2]

Brief Bio of Dr. Marco Antonio Rodrigues Dias

Legion of Honor acceptance speech by GUS V-P Marco Dias

Support letters for Ukrainian IREX application

Grant application to IREX for mini-workshop at UK Open University

Concerning travel grant applications for Manaus and Manila workshops

Exciting show on low-cost distance learning by Roger Boston et al.

Meeting at the National Academy of Sciences in D.C. on 2/23

Removing SS numbers from Web versions of Correspondence

Draft/Travel grant application to NSF for Manila Mini-workshop (1 of 5)

Draft/Travel grant application to NSF for Manila Mini-workshop (2 of 5)

Draft/Travel grant application to NSF for Manila Mini-workshop (3 of 5)

Draft/Travel grant application to NSF for Manila Mini-workshop (4 of 5)

Draft/Travel grant application to NSF for Manila Mini-workshop (5 of 5)

Native American and Canadian Community Project [2]

Preparation of telemedicine demo at Manaus mini-workshop [1]

Native American and Canadian Community Project [1]

Peter Knight's Web report of the GSTF presentation at CITI

Revised schedule of mini-workshop in Manaus: May 31-June 2

Visits to NYC concerning Native Americans

GSTF Presentation at the CITI Founder's Conference

Preparation of mini-workshop in Manaus, Amazonas

Manila Mini-Workshop Plan

Main narrative for IREX grant application

Presentations for the conference in South Africa

Presentations for Asian Open Universities and elsewhere

Final report of Tampere event in ASCII format

Mini-workshops in Ukraine, Malaysia and UK

Presenting on GSTF at the CITI conference at INTELSAT

Workshops in Manila and Manaus

Discussion on creating a Global Service Trust Fund (GSTF)

TeleSynergy System of the National Cancer Institute

Information necessary for NSF travel grant application

Manila Workshop Preparations

Manaus (Amazon) Mini-Workshop, May 25-26

UNIDO conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Suggestions to the World Health Organization (WHO)

Dr. Pelton's conference at INTELSAT on 2/5 & Dr. Katerniak's visit

UN Industrial Development Org. programs (UNIDO, Vienna)

Telemedicine demo in Manila from Columbia University on 3/29

Manila Workshop & nominations to the National Science Foundation

Planning visit to International Telecommunications Union, Geneva

Global University System Late 1999 Correspondence

Web sites in Japan and Ukraine

Conference of the European Association for International Education

Inexpensive email for remote areas via LEO [Low Earth Orbiting]

"Grass Roots Fund" [Japanese Embassy, Pakistan]

Philippine connection

Strategic meeting on fund raising [PAHO, Washington, D.C.]

Regional pilot project proposal [Ukraine/NIS]

Report to the Canadian government

Inquiries on virtual university

Final list of attendees at Tampere event

Revised handout of Tampere event

Nigerian project

Pilot project proposal in InfoDev format

Mini-workshop for European operation at Open University

Broadband Internet for Native Americans' Reservations

Asia/Pacific operation

Trip to Tokyo and Manila

Outline of final report of Tampere event to the InfoDev

Distance learning activities in Arab Regionl

Africa Region operation

EIES of NJIT and Name of Global University

Request to Tampere event attendees

Web site of Tokyo workshop

Preparation of Tokyo workshop

Fundraising for Montana and Asia/Pacific Operations

Preparations of Tokyo and Manila conferences

Activities of Asia/Pacific Group

Activities of European Group

Activities of Latin American Group

Tokyo and Washington DC conferences in spring and fall of 2000

Expectations for the Pacific/Asia operation at Tampere event

Low cost streaming audio/video via Internet

Participation and support of UNDP and USAID

South America and Africa regions' activities

Visit to infoDev of the World Bank

Draft of pilot project proposal for Central America

Project summary for IREX program in Ukraine

TeleLearning*NCE conference in Montreal (11/6th to 9th)

About our GUS project and Finland

Report on the Tampere event by Roger Boston

Report to the Board of the InfoDev

Distance Learning on Peace Keeping with Moscow

Distance Learning between St. Petersburg [Russia] & the U. of Virginia

IREX Program [for NIS/Russia]

Visit to DC and mtg at PAHO on 10/18th

Internet 2 H.323 Megaconference & its Public Broadcasts

Megaconference 1999 through Internet-2

USIA program on distance learning for Ukraine

Current status of [Global University System] regional activities

Final Report of Asia/Pacific operation and Possible Trips

TeleHealth Meeting at WHO in Geneva, January 12-14, 2000

GUS South American group activities

Tapio Varis to attend the infoDev Symposium, 11/9-10/99

Visiting CIDA, DFAIT & Industry Canada during TeleLearning*NCE99 in Montreal, 11/6-9

GUS activities in Central America & the Caribbeanl

Travel grant application to IREX for workshop at Open University

Partnership for Distance Learning Development in Ukraine

Grass Roots Fund of Japanese government

Native American community project and Manila workshop

Satellite availability and my possible visit to UN / Vienna

GUS Mtg. at PAHO, Washington, D.C., on 12/20

Trip to Fiji

African plan and current status of infoDev Final Report

Disabilities and connections to Brisbane and UNICEF people

Videoconferencing via narrowband Internet among Pacific Islands

Roundtable at the University of the South Pacific

Archives of gu-l listserve distributions

Egyptian connection

Workshop/conference for UNAMAZ

Telemedicine demo at workshop in Manila

Trips to Fiji and Geneva

Mini work11-18-a.htmlshop in Manila

"Voice for the Earth (VOTE)" project

Inquiry about mini workshop in Manila

Egyptian and Arabic connections

Connecting native American and Canadian communities - November 14, 1999

UN's peacekeeping distance learning program

Canadian government's involvement with Ukraine

Accepting invitation to Fiji Roundtable from 11/29-12/1

Date and place of UNAMAZ conference in Columbia

Drafting Tampere thank-you letters

Synopsis of Global University System

Streaming audio and chat room events

Drafting a Goal Statement for the Global University System

GUS activities in Central America & the Caribbean

Visiting CIDA, DFAIT & Industry Canada during TeleLearning*NCE99 in Montreal

Tapio Varis to attend the infoDev Symposium, 11/9-10/99

GUS South American group activities

TeleHealth Meeting at WHO in Geneva, January 12-14, 2000

Final Report of Asia/Pacific operation and Possible Trips

Current status of [Global University System] regional activities

USIA program on distance learning for Ukraine

Megaconference 1999 through Internet-2

Internet 2 H.323 Megaconference & its Public Broadcasts

Visit to DC and mtg at PAHO on 10/18th

Mini-Workshop in Manaus, Amazon, Brazil, in late May, 2000

Keynote Speech by Mr. Elovainio of Sonera during our Tampere event

Promoting use of English among Japanese

Report on December 20th Fund-raising meeting at PAHO

GUS Vice-President Dias Knighted into the Legion of Honor by the French Academy of Letters

South American mini-workshop in Manaus on May 27 and 28

Web pages of our final report

Mini-workshop in Manila in March, 2000

Holiday Greetings and Readings

Respectfully requesting the dates of mini-workshop in Manila

Mini and large workshops for Amazon Region Operation

12/20th mtg at PAHO and its possible follow-up after 1/24th

Mini-workshop for Central American Group

Support letter for the applications to IREX programs

Converting Tampere Final Report to Wortld Bank infoDev Website

Final report of our Tampere event

GLOSAS News Archives

GLOSAS Archives

*** New GUS Correspondence Site (from late Feb. 2001) ***

[gu-l] Terrible experiences with hacker and verus

[gu-l] DIGOPP discussion forum of Markle Foundation

[gu-l] DRAFT/Grant application to NSF for Manila mini-workshop

[gu-l] DRAFT #8/Proposal of ESL program for Japanese corporations

[gu-l] Trip to the Philippines from 4/17 to 4/26/01 (Part 1 of 2)

Workshop in Tokyo in April (or May), 2001
[link to:]

Global University System Asia-Pacific News & Links
Reference Materials for Constructing Guidelines for Global E-Learning

Biographical Sketches of Research Team (March 23, 2001)
Proposal for an On-Line Corporate English as a Second Language (ESL) Program (Draft #9)

[gu-l] Trip to Tokyo from 4/26 to 5/19/01 (Part 2) on fund raising for ESL Program

Organize Internet and telecommunications community ...
Submitted by Prof. Steve McCarty in Japan:

[gu-l] (12/03/01) Request of your support for the nomination to the
Fast50 Global Readers Challenge

[gu-l] (12/11/01) Visists funding sources in Washington DC on 11/27th and 28th

[gu-l] (02/05/02) URGENT REQUEST for the InfoDev application of our Amazon project

[gu-l] (02/10/02) Commitment and support letter to the InfoDev

Steve McCarty is a full Professor of English as a Second Language at Kagawa Junior College,
teaching in Mac, Windows and Language Labs.
Since 1983 he has been nationally active in the Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT),
including the highest appointed office representing all research groups. Currently he edits the
JALT Bilingualism SIG Website in English and Japanese, which includes the Japan Journal of
Multilingualism and Multiculturalism: < 1996
he organized a colloquium on cross-cultural communication at the University of Hong Kong
Knowledge and Discourse Conference. In 1997 and 2001 his multilingual online library of
publications <> was rated "very useful
for research" (4 stars) by the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library. In 1998 his Keynote Address
opened the Teaching in the Community Colleges Online Conference based at the University of
Hawaii. He also presented in Japanese on distance education at Kyushu Institute of Technology,
broadcast by two-way satellite to 15 universities. He was elected President of the World
Association for Online Education (WAOE), an NPO registered in California, from 1998-2001:
<>. Since 1998 he has also increasingly assisted the Global University System
(GUS) in the Asia-Pacific region and overall. See, e.g.: <>.
Contributions to the GUS ESL Project
Steve has been representing GUS in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region, including traveling to
Tokyo to assist Dr. Takeshi Utsumi. Steve is making an appointment next with the Child Research
Net of Benesse Corporation, and can introduce the ESL project to such people in Japanese. He can
find information of assistance to the project and do legwork on occasion in Tokyo. In 2001, as
WAOE President, Steve has been invited to Kuala Lumpur in early September by the University of
Malaysia to conduct teacher training in a computer lab with broadband Internet. At their
Symposium on Online Education, Steve is willing to also introduce GUS and its Global Broadband
Initiative (GBI). Thus Steve can seek groups for ESL pilot projects and promote further GUS
initiatives elsewhere in Asia as well as in Japan.
APPENDIX IX-4: Corporate Training with English as a Second Language (ESL) Program
Proposal form for [World Bank] infoDev-Funded Project [for Manaus, Amazon]

[gu-l] (03/03/02) Possible participations of Catalunyan (Barcelona)
and U.K. Open Universities in UNITWIN and GUS

[gu-l] (04/21/02) Workshop in Nagano in the fall of 2003

[gu-l] (08/06/02) Summary report on ICT activities in Africa by John Afele

Letter of Commitment and Support

Corporate Training with English as a Second Language (ESL) Program

[gu-l] (09/13/02) World Forum of UNESCO Chairs

[gu-l] (10/06/02) (1) Marco Antonio Dias' paper on educational services
and (2) Utsumi/Varis paper on GUS

Creating Global E-Learning and E-Healthcare through the Global University System
(Edited by Steve McCarty, October 5, 2002)

[gu-l] (12/05/02) Africa and Norway connections

[gu-l] (01/07/03) (1) Book by John Afele and (2) Press Release of USAID

[gu-l] (07/13/03) Paper contributed by Dr. Kautto-Koivula and Ms. Huhtaniemi of Nokia Ventures Organization

Asia-Pacific: Framework / News & Links [& etc.]
Updated December 16, 2000 by Steve McCarty
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