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Steve McCarty, Professor, Kagawa Junior College, Japan

getCITED selected publications [titles of articles in Japanese bracketed]:

Steven A. McCarty (Kagawa Junior College) All publications

McCarty, Steve. (2003) East-West Cultural Differences in Basic Life Stance
(Journal Article in GLOCOM Platform
(Tokyo: Japanese Institute of Global Communications) )

McCarty, Steve. (2003) [Worldwide survey on the state of online education]
(Journal Article in Articles by CRN Advisory Board Members
(Tokyo, Child Research Net) )

McCarty, Steve. (2003) How to Hear Japanese Debate their Place in the World
(Journal Article in GLOCOM Platform from Japan
(Tokyo: Center for Global Communications) )

McCarty, Steve. (2003) Distance Education for Asia
with World Bank and Japanese Government Grants
(Conference Paper in Proceedings :
1st Annual WebCT Users Conference (Nagoya University) )

McCarty, Steve. (2002) Intercultural Family Values
(Journal Article in Archive of CRN Home Page Topics for Discussion
(Tokyo, Child Research Net) )

McCarty, Steve. (2002) The Taliban's Twin Towers
(Journal Article in Online Journal of Education, Media and Health
(New York University) )

McCarty, Steve. (2002) Learning Management Systems
and Cutting-edge issues for Web-based delivery
(Conference Presentation at the Annual International Business Communicators
(IBC) Conference on Communication and Culture in the Workplace )

McCarty, Steve. (2002) Overcoming Face-to-Face Dependence
in Distance Education: Gender and Cultural Considerations
(Conference Presentation at the Trends in e-Learning
(ISDN/ADSL teleconference with Kansai Airport Authority) )

McCarty, Steve. (2002) [Japan's Online Education and Correspondence Education]
(Conference Presentation at the e-Learning Forum 2002 Summer (e-Learning
World) )

McCarty, Steve. (2002) Correspondence Education in Japan Gradually Going
(Journal Article in Archive of CRN Home Page Topics for Discussion
(Tokyo, Child Research Net) )

McCarty, Steve. (2002) Another Against the Other: Terrorism through Japanese
(Journal Article in Online Journal of Education, Media and Health (New York
University) )

McCarty, Steve. (2002) Japanese Perceptions and Reactions to Terrorism: Q & A
(Journal Article in GLOCOM Platform from Japan
(Tokyo: Center for Global Communications) )

McCarty, Steve. (2001) What Online Education is
(Journal Article in OLS News (UK) )

McCarty, Steve. (2001) Open and Distance Education in Asia and the Pacific Rim
(Book Review in OLS (Open Learning Systems) News )

McCarty, Steve. (2001) WebCT for the Language Teacher
(Conference Presentation at the Lake Biwa - Kyoto campus
(faculty development) teleconference )

McCarty, Steve. (2001) [Door to international society:
distance education and advanced English]
(Book Chapter in [Computing for the Humanities and Social Sciences:
Utilizing the Internet in an Information Society] )

Bowskill, Nick; McCarty, Steve; Kinshuk, ; Luke, Robert; Hand, Kate. (2000)
Cultural Sensitivity in Voluntary Virtual Professional Development Communities
(Journal Article in Indian Journal of Open Learning )

McCarty, Steve A.. (2000) Education in the Information Age
(Conference Presentation at the Computers and Education in Japan )

McCarty, Steve. (2000) Reforms in Computer Education that are Possible for
(Journal Article in Educational Visions (Tokyo: Child Research Net) )

McCarty, Steve. (2000) Buddhist Syncretism in Japan
(Book Chapter in Encyclopedia of Monasticism )

McCarty, Steve. (2000) Shikoku: The Pilgrimage Island of Japan
(Book Chapter in Encyclopedia of Monasticism )

McCarty, Steve. (2000) Mount Koya, Japan
(Book Chapter in Encyclopedia of Monasticism
(Chicago: Fitzroy-Dearborn Publishers) )

McCarty, Steve. (1999) Introducing the World Association for Online
Education (WAOE)
(Journal Article in Papyrus News )

McCarty, Steve. (1999) [What it means to combine two languages and cultures]
(Book Chapter in [World of the Bilingual] (Tokyo:Taishukan Shoten) )

McCarty, Steve. (1998) Cultural Liberation: East-West Biculturalism for a
New Century
(Journal Article in Multicultural Pavilion (University of Virginia) )

McCarty, Steve. (1998) The Global Shikoku Internet Project
(Journal Article in Asian Database Online Community Electronic Newsletter
(Ohio State University) )

McCarty, Steve. (1998) Voluntaristic Online Education and the Future with
(Conference Paper in Proceedings :
Third Annual Teaching in the Community Colleges Online Conference )

McCarty, Steve. (1998) [Collaborating with North American Tertiary Distance
(Conference Paper in Proceedings : Annual Research Meeting,
Education of Information Processing, Kyushu Institute of Technology )

McCarty, Steve. (1998) Evaluating Speaking Skills
(Book Chapter in Team Teaching in the Communicative Classroom )

McCarty, Steve. (1998) Examining International Sister School Relations
(Journal Article in OnCUE )

McCarty, Steve. (1997) Opening the Conference Gates to K-12 and Worldwide
(Journal Article in The Well Connected Educator )

McCarty, Steve. (1997) Multicultural Japan: From Palaeolithic to Postmodern
(Book Review in Japan Journal of Multilingualism and Multiculturalism )

McCarty, Steve. (1997) Language as a Window into Japanese Culture
(Journal Article in Webgeist )

McCarty, Steve. (1997) An Example to the Foreign Language Teaching World
(Journal Article in Matsuyama JALT Newsletter )

McCarty, Steve. (1997) Multilingual Japan
(Book Review in JALT Journal (Japan Association for Language Teaching) )

McCarty, Steve. (1996) East meets West and South in Hong Kong
(Journal Article in Asia-Pacific Exchange Electronic Journal )

McCarty, Steve. (1995) Defining the scope of Bilingualism in Japan
(Journal Article in Japan Journal of Multilingualism and Multiculturalism )

McCarty, Steve. (1993) [Bilingualism Theory and Japan]
(Journal Article in Kagawa Junior College Journal )

Takemoto, Akiko; McCarty, Steve. (1993) Shikoku Bilingual Guidebook
Takamatsu, Japan: Bikosha. (Book )

Takemoto, Akiko; McCarty, Steve; et al., . (1988) Kagawa
Takamatsu, Japan: Shikoku Newspaper Company. (Book )

McCarty, Steven A.. (1986) Kukai and Zentsuji
(Thesis/Dissertation completed at University of Hawaii)

Abridged interview with Digital Bridges author John Afele

GIF 画像 148x172 ピクセル (my photo @WAOE)

Blog comment: "Post 9/11 America is a religion"

H-Japan (E): Northeast Asia -- regional perspectives

Weblog and blog becoming acceptable Japanese terms?

Comment on Prof. Kubo's Article about "Neo-cons"
Steve McCarty (Professor, Kagawa Junior College)
Debate: Comment (September 30, 2003)
Reply to Mr. McCarty
By Fumiaki KUBO (Professor, University of Tokyo)
Debate: Comment (September 30, 2003)
GLOCOM Platform
Tokyo: Japanese Institute of Global Communications
International University of Japan

Steven A. McCarty (Kagawa Junior College) - Curriculum vitae (CV)

Bilingualism and Japanology Intersection
Resources for Translators
Japan Favorites

☆☆☆☆ Multilingual Guide to the Pilgrimage Island of Japan
Kagawa Junior College, Utazu, Japan
Supplied note: "The Shikoku guidebook on the Web, serving readers since 1997,
has had complete versions in French, Spanish, Dutch, and English (with some
Japanese). Now the English alternates with Japanese in most chapters for the
sake of those studying either language. In this way, non-Japanese people can
learn Japanese language and culture at the same time, while Japanese people
learning English can also learn how to express their cultural heritage in English.
The island of Shikoku in southwestern Japan is a traditional region that
maintains Japan's most celebrated pilgrimage of 88 Buddhist temples. - smc."
Site contents: Preface; Shikoku Past & Present; Glossary; Some Japanese
For Tourists; Kagawa; Ehime & Its Vicinity; The Seto Inland Sea; Kochi;
Tokushima & Its Vicinity;
The Shikoku Pilgrimage / Kobo Daishi Kukai; Accommodations; Index; Bibliography.
Internet Archive*/
* Scholarly usefulness [essential - v.useful - useful - interesting - marginal]: V.Useful
* External links to the resource [over 3,000 - under 3,000 - under 1,000 - under 300 - under 100 - under 30]: under 100
The Asian Studies WWW Monitor: Aug 2003, Vol. 10, No. 14 (198)
オーストラリア国立大学、アジア学電子図書館 [temporarily]

H-ASIA: Multilingual Guide to the Pilgrimage Island of Japan WWW

H-Japan (E): X-Post H-ASIA: Multilingual Guide to the Pilgrimage Island
of Japan WWW

English-Japanese Shikoku Guidebook Online

☆☆☆☆ Encyclopedia entries on Japanese religiosity and syncretism
"Three newly released, interrelated articles with photos, based on in-situ research
and interviews with Buddhist priests, for the East-West comparative
Encyclopedia of Monasticism. For the study of Japanese religion
(particularly Kukai's Shingon Buddhism), 'Shikoku, the Pilgrimage Island
of Japan' and 'Mount Koya, Japan' will be of general
interest. They also provide background for the full impact of 'Buddhist Syncretism
in Japan,' which combines many Asian religions synchronically
(T'ang/Heian period esotericism, sacred space, honji suijaku setsu, 'mandalization') and diachronically
(animistic mountain worship, ancestors/tumuli, proto-Shinto and Shintoism,
ancient Hinduism, Taoism, Chinese folk religion, and Buddhism). - smcc."
* Scholarly usefulness: Very Useful
The Asian Studies WWW Monitor: Sep 2003, Vol. 10, No. 15 (199) [temporarily]

Wakayama and Shikoku sites

A little Google digging found this page which provides a good summary
and an interesting insight into the history
June 21, 2003 - The Shikoku Pilgrimage
[ link to: ]
dandruff [blog]

Haiku Scroll
[ link to: ]
[Mobile phone site]
I-ku Haiku - A palm-of-the-hand haiku site


R使i楊 - Regions


Web Chat Bonenkai
名古屋大学、 Four Seasons

JALT Publications

Multilingual Guide to Shikoku

Communication Centres:
モザンビーク(アフリカ)、Telecentres In Africa

Japan Journal of Multilingualism and Multiculturalism

Bilingualism (BIL)
JALT Hokkaido Links

Kobo Daishi Kukai
[link to: ]
ドイツ、 Shikoku

Comment on Mythic Education

H-Japan (E/J) Japanese religiosity and syncretism

H-JAPAN (E/J): Understanding post-9/11 U.S. from Japan
Forwarded to H-USA:
Then also discussed on H-US-Japan.

Papyrus News for Language Teaching and Technology

Papyrus News for language teachers
[Japanese message by Prof. Asao is readable with Netscape 7]

Papyrus News is an e-mail distribution list established by Mark Warschauer
in 1999, and currently edited by Steve McCarty. Subscribers to Papyrus News
will receive about 3-5 e-mail messages a week on whatever Mark or Steve
find of interest, which often includes topics such as the impact of
information and communication technology (ICT) on literacy and education, the
relationship of ICT to social development and equality, and language and identity in
the age of information, but may include other topics or controversial commentary
as well. Messages will include items they find on the Internet or
occasionally things they write themselves. [ link to & mailto steve_mc@... ]
Papyrus-News List Info
Network & Academic Computing Services
カリフォルニア大学、 University of California, Irvine

Reading online

Japan in Miniature: Guide to Kagawa Prefecture - Comprehensive guide to
[ link to: ]
ELT Directory: Living in Japan : Local Information : Kagawa

Bilingualism - The SIG encourages and support s research and the
wide dissemination of information about bilingualism as it occurs in Japan.
[ link to: ]
ELT Directory: Teacher Organisations : Based in Japan : JALT Special
Interest Groups

World Association for Online Education - Pan-disciplinary, for educators
interested in teaching online; membership free; multilingual, including
ELT Directory: Teacher Organisations : International

Japan Journal of Mulitilingualism and Multiculturalism - Information
page of the paper journal published by the JALT Bilingualism SIG, including
English-Japanese abstracts of all feature articles since 1995.

Bilingualism and Japanology Intersection - Over 140 links to publications
by Prof. Steve McCarty on EFL in Japan, Japanese-English bilingualism,
Asian Studies and Online Education
ELT Directory: ELT Resources : Teacher Reference

H-JAPAN (E): Direct from a cradle of civilization to Japan

[Comment on Cal Berkeley's Lakoff]

Haiku [ link to: ]
or the U.S.-based mirror site:
Online library:
In Japanese:

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Bilingualism and Japanology Intersection - Online essays on Asian Studies,
Japanese-English bilingualism and online education by Professor Steve McCarty.

Yahoo! JAPAN - 教育 > 教育工学 [another URL]
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What "blog" means in Japanese

Definition of "blog" in Japanese

Net Presence of Steve McCarty [another URL]
Web Links | LTSN Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies
University of Southampton

The International Handbook for Virtual Learning Environments' VLE
TWiki . VLE . WebIndex
Email Addresses Of Contributors

Bowskill, Nick (UK), Luke, Robert (Canada) and Mc_Carty, Steve (Japan) -
"Global Virtual Organizations for Online Educator Empowerment"
McCarty, Steve (Japan), Daya, Asif (in Florida, from Nairobi), Sedunov,
Boris (Russia), Ahbul Zailani Begum Mohamed Ibrahim (Malaysia), and Sharma, Ramesh (India) -
"Global Online Education"
Outline Of Contributors

Bowskill, Nick (U of Sheffield, UK), Luke, Robert (OISE/UT, Toronto) and
Mc_Carty, Steve (Kagawa, Japan)
* Topic: "Global Virtual Organizations for Online Educator Empowerment"
TWiki . Section1 . Contributors

Bowskill, Nick (UK), Luke, Robert (Canada) and Mc_Carty, Steve (Japan) -
"Global Virtual Organizations for Online Educator Empowerment" - Draft

McCarty, Steve (Japan), Daya, Asif (USA), Sedunov, Boris (Russia) ,
Ibrahim, Begum (Malaysia), and Sharma, Ramesh (India) (contact: JN)
TWiki . Section3 . Contributors

"Global Online Education" - Abstract
"Global Online Education" - Draft
"Global Online Education" - Update

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