Inventory of links to my work found by early 2002
Steve McCarty, Professor, Kagawa Junior College, Japan

BELLs (bilingual excellent language learners)

Electronic conference on e-Learning (fwd)

Re: SkyPerfecTV-Al Jazeera

Sayonara Asiaweek / Turning Japanese

Citizenship / Jihad vs. McWorld

Media role in the theft and deception of consciousness

New member - old face

e-Learning, Asian Studies & multilingualism sites moving

An Intercultural Website for Kids

Re: elementary social linguistics?

"Too much TV spoils kids' speaking skills"

H-Japan (E/J): Three Protests

Bilingualism and Japanology Intersection -
Online essays by Prof. Steve McCarty in Japan on Asian Studies,
Japanese-English bilingualism, and online education.

Bilingual Haiku Scroll [link to
Making Real Haiku Poetry [link to:
NETEACH-L Sites Neteachers Thought Were Cool!

The Education Companion Newsletter Authors

Press Release- WAOE Reelects Prof. Steve McCarty

Internet Archive Wayback Machine

Submit your Article [to The Education Companion]

From Steve McCarty, Professor, Kagawa Junior College, Japan
President, World Association for Online Education (WAOE)
"Reforms in Computer Education that are Possible for Japan"
Child Research Net, Tokyo: Educational Visions (September 2000)
[link to:]
WebCT - Distance and Online Education News (October 2000)

[DEOS] Cyber-Publishing Proposals and East Asian Studies [changed URLs]
See also:

_Asia-Pacific EXchange Electronic Journal_
Journals and Working Papers in Linguistics [different URLs]

Sobre Japon y la cultura japonesa
Colaboracion con el profesor Steve McCarty,
promotor del Global Shikoku Internet Project [shortcut URLs]

* Steve McCarty's Home Page
Mr. McCarty is language teacher in Shikoku; his page offers lots of resources
on multilingualism, japanology, East-West discourse etc. (in Japanese and English)

"...original articles and essays on progressive, transformative, multicultural
teaching and learning by educators around the world."
. . . "Cultural Liberation: East-West Biculturalism for a New Century,"
by Steve McCarty (Professor, Kagawa Junior College, Japan),
Multicultural Pavillion: Education Research Room
Central Oregon Community College: Multicultural WWW Links

Japanese Culture Meets Online Education [1999]
Kagawa Junior College, Steve McCarty
Items with an index of Distributed Learning
EDUCAUSE Information Resources Library

1. According to McCarty (1997, January 12), an important aspect of language is
communication style and what it tells us about a culture. The Japanese have
specific expressions for use during a telephone conversation and when English
speakers would probably say nothing in response. The most essential phrase is
"moshi moshi" and is used by the caller after connected and when answering the phone,
"Hai" is used most often. McCarty (1997, January 12) adds that Japanese speakers
are expected to respond with phrases showing active engagement, if not agreement.
If the listener is quiet on the phone, the speaker says, "moshi moshi?" (Hello?),
asking if the listener disagrees or whether the line has been disconnected.
MCCARTY, Steve. (12 January 1997). Language as a Window into Japanese Culture.
Webgeist Magazine. 3 (1). Retrieved May 8, 2001 from the World Wide Web:
"Moshi, Moshi" (Hello?): Random Rumblings of a Former Bellhead
University of Missouri-Columbia portfolio

Bilingualism and Japanology Intersection
Online essays by Prof. Steve McCarty in Japan on Asian Studies,
Japanese-English bilingualism, and online education.
Lycos Directory > Regional > Asia > Japan > Education > Language
and "Language in Regional > Asia > Japan"
Plebius: Architecture of the Mind
and 4IT Man World Wide Web Directory:
and Absolute ODP
and AnsMe Directory - Regional > Asia > Japan > Education > Language

5. Links Found in Mid-2000
Inventory of links to my work found in mid-2000 Steve McCarty,
Professor, Kagawa Junior College, Japan
Barcelona, Espana

52. Review of Multilingual Japan by Steve McCarty Original print publication, shortened:
JALT Journal , 19 (1), 138-142 (May 1997).
Found by: HotBot
Documents 51 - 60 of 137 on the subject : Okinawa
WorldBook General Reference Encyclopedia > Geography > Asia > Other Political Divisions > Okinawa >

Face-to-face dependence and e-learning

Calls by Bilingual Research Groups

Call for Papers by Japan Language-Culture Journal

H-Japan (J): Child Research Net invitation

H-Japan (E/J): Japan Language-Culture Journal Call for Papers

[link address incorrect]

Call for Essays by the Educational Portal of the Americas

Japan Journal of Multilingualism and Multiculturalism submissions deadline extended

H-JAPAN (E): Terrorism through Japanese Lenses

9/11, or rather 9/12: the view from Japan

Empty promises

"Terrorism and Education"

Another Against the Other: Terrorism through Japanese Lenses
by Steve McCarty, President of WAOE
Prevention of Terrorism - Diplomacy and Balance of Power
Terrorism and Education 2001-2002
The Journal of Online Education for the World Association for Online Education
New York University

Re:Week 3: Read and Discuss (by Cher Hill): cultural, biological differences
Sex, GENder, and Online Education
Global Educators' Network online seminar

Reforms in Computer Education that are Possible for Japan
Steve McCarty, Professor of Kagawa Junior College
Bilingualism and Japanology Intersection
Steve McCarty Japanologist/EFL Professor's extensive published work
related to Japan and bilingualism
Homeschooling in Japan: Education in Japan

* Bilingualism and Japanology Intersection
Edu 2 : Languages : Asian : Japanese

Re: [BILJapan] Re: 'race' or 'culture'?

F2F Dependence, Gender & Culture in DE

H-Japan (E): Pilgrimage of Shikoku

Re: Bottom of Olympic Heap

Conference Notice from Korea National Open University


Asian Association of Open Universities AAOU 2002

H-Japan (J): recent developments in distance education

Ed Tech Happenings in East Asia
Michigan State University, EDTECH

Gov't creating JSL teaching guide

Japanese government making a JSL teaching guide

[WebCT] WebCT in Japan

"Evaluating AV Materials for Bilingual Development"
Video Rising: Newsletter of the Japan Assoc. for Language Teaching.
Vol. 8, Issue 1. (Spring 1996) [New URL]

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