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"Olympic Results Reflect Trajectory of Post-War Japan"
Webgeist, 1 (2), (13 October 1996)

"Language as a Window into Japanese Culture"
Webgeist, 3 (1), (12 January 1997)

"Educational Rigors Begin Early in East Asia"
Webgeist, 3 (2) (27 May 1997)      

"Notes from the Pacific Rim"
コラムのホームページ (13 October 1996)
  "Fall, 1996 Webgeist Online"
  米国、テキサス工科大学, Association for Computers and Writing List   
(November 1996)

  "Steve McCarty's Notes from Japan"
  米国ビズマーク州立大学、Webgeist (April 1997)

  "Steve McCarty's Notes from the Rim" (April 1997)
  Webgeist: Editor's Notebook

  "Columns by guest writers Steve McCarty and Michelle Christades"
  Webgeist Recent Submissions (12 April 1997)

  "Notes from the Pacific Rim (by Steve McCarty)"
  クィーンズランド大学、Rie Nakamura's HomePage (July 1997)

 WWWに繋いだ「ムー」ルーム (WEBBED "MOO" ROOM)
 MOO というプログラミングで作成した、telnet によるリアル・タイム・
 チャット・ルーム。米国カリフォルニア州立大学 (April 1996):

"The Pearl Dive" 
"Sheltering Tree"
"Sharkbait Strait"
"Pearl of Circumspection"
"Steve (asleep)/(webbed)/(blue heron)"


"List of Presenters"
香港大学、 Knowledge and Discourse Conference (18 June 1996)

"List of Presenters"
中国、上海、複旦大学:香港大学の大会の講演者とその講演の案内 (1996)

 中部大学、全国語学教育学会 (JALT):

"Educational Innovations ... first installment"
The Language Teacher, Introduction (September 1996)

"The Internet for Educator Development"
The Language Teacher, 20 (9), pp. 17-18 (September 1996)
全国の語学雑誌にのった論文が、WWW にものっている:
  "Steve McCarty's 'The Internet for Educator Development'"
  "The Computists' Communique, Vol. 6, No. 73 (22 October 1996)
  カリフォルニア, Computists International

  "Educational Innovations - by Steve McCarty"
  フィンランドのオウル大学 (7 October 1996)

"Mission of JALT's N-SIGs"
それぞれ分野別研究部会の使命を紹介した記事 (July 1996)
  "National Special Interest Groups"
  熊本県立大学、"Paul's place" (March 1997)"

"JALT N-SIG Officers: Bilingualism"
中部大学、全国語学教育学会 (22 August 1996)

CROSS-REFERENCE: "JALT Members' Personal Home Pages" (Link to EWD Page)
  中部大学、全国語学教育学会 (March 1997)


"Who's Who"
The Well Connected Educator (February 1997) 

"Well Connected Educator Columns"
Issues and Perspectives (September 1997)

"Opening the Conference Gates to K-12 and Worldwide Educators"
The Well Connected Educator にのっている論文 (February 1997)
National Science Foundation の主催/マイクロソフト社よりの原稿料
  "Educational On-Ramp"
  Links to the Technological Sector: Articles (1997)
  米国ノースキャロライナ大学、先端教育技術誌 On the Horizon Online

  米国中央オレゴン短大、Franz's Useful Links (1997)

  米国ルイジアナ州、デルガド短期大学、Susan Halter's Bookmarks (1997)

  九州工業大学、Takashi's Projects and Research Interests (1997)

  NetSERF's Unsorted Bookmarks: Research (2 June 1997)

  Interesting Articles/Links on Virtual Learning Environments (1997)
  フィンランド、ヘルシンキ工科大学、Virtual Language Center

  " - Well worth the time."
  米国、中央オレゴン短大、Websters (May 1997)

  "Online Conferences /
  The Language Teacher 20.9: Internet for [Educator] Development"
  米国、南メイン大学コミュニケーション学科、Bookmarks (1997)

  "Opening the Conference Gates to K-12 and Worldwide Educators"
  フィンランド、ヘルシンキ工科大学、Publications on Using Technology   
  for Language Teaching: Academic Articles, Virtual
  Environment-related (1 July 1997). または、同じページですすめている:
  "The Japan Journal of Multilingualism and Multiculturalism"
  同大学、Publications on Using Technology for Language Teaching:
  Journals (October 1997)

"On-Line Academic Conferences"
Net Happenings (15 October 1996)
"On-Line Academic Conferences"
Global SchoolNet (19 October 1996)
"Asia/Pacific Free E-Journal & Discussion Lists"
Net Happenings (30 October 1996)
"Asia/Pacific Free E-Journal & Discussion Lists"
Global SchoolNet (1 November 1996)
"Asia/Pacific Free E-Journal & Discussion List"
Communication Institute for Online Scholarship (CIOS)
Intercul Hotline Item\11116222.344
"Asia-Pacific sources & East-West discussions"
Inter-Asia Digest (6 December 1996)

メーリングリストの便りが hypernews ソフトでWWWへ :

"Sister School Relationships" (1 October 1996)
"On-Line Academic Conferences" (14 October 1996)
"Online Conference Call for Papers" (1 December 1996)
"Identifying the location of e-mail addresses" (11 Dec 1996)
"Another Country Question" (11 Dec 1996)

 米国ニューヨーク州立大学、Foreign Language Teaching Forum への便り:

"Re: Help for Harassed Teachers" (28 May 1997)
"Online Sources on East-West Communication" (4 June 1997)
米国ニューヨーク州立大学、Foreign Language Teaching Forum
"Why I chose Japanese" (10 June 1997)
"Bilingual Haiku Website" (9 September 1997)
"Japan Multilingualism Journal Website" (24 September 1997)
"Computing in East Asian Languages" (25 September 1997)
"4-Star Website combines Bilingualism with Japanology"
(13 October 1997).


"Steve McCarty's Virtual Flat"
Home page on Sam Sheppard Crescent in FortuneCity, based in London
英国ロンドン、バーチュアル・シティーのアパート (2 August 1997)
  "Steve McCarty's Site"
  英国ロンドン、Helpful Fortune City Sites

"Orientologist on the Block"
英国ロンドン、バーチュアル・シティーへのメッセージ (5 August 1997)
"Despite Kipling"
英国ロンドン、バーチュアル・シティー文化部へのメッセージ (5 August 1997)
"Foreign Correspondent in Japan" (5 August 1997)
"Fortunian Article"
(27 September 1997)

"Articles and Discussions for Educators Interested in Multicultural Education"
英国ロンドン、Michelle's Multicultural World 
(米国の著者が作った私の執筆へのリンク集)(August 1997)

"Japanese Culture Colors the Media Lens"
The Fortunian Times (September 1997) Main Feature


"Kagawa Community College [Japan]"
ビズマーク州立大学 、E-Pal College Homepage Links (1996)

"Chisato Ishikawa (Japan) and Steve McCarty (U.S.A.)"
The International Couples' Home Page
フィンランド/フランスの国際結婚ホーム・ページ (1996)

"Academic conferences held entirely on-line"
米国ネバダ大学、Sites Neteachers Thought were Cool! (October 1996)

"Asia-Related Internet Resources" (3 October 1996)
Linguist List 7.1410, FYI: O-Hayo Sensei #17

"H-ASIA: Peking Man"
ミシガン州立大学の「アジアの歴史」(21 December 1996)

"H-JAPAN: No easy answers in Japanology"
ミシガン州立大学の「日本の歴史」(27 December 1996)

"Unknown genre or communication style?"
Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 10, No. 626 (24 Jan 1997)

"Trends and Issues in Online Instruction" (24 February 1997)
フランスの VOLTERRE-FR の Worldwide Conference Announcements (もう有効ではない)

"Online Conference Seeks Presentation Editors"
米国ネバダ大学、 _Ohayo Sensei_ (March 1997)

"World Time Zones" (5 March 1997)
フィンランドのヘルシンキ工科大学、 Virtual Language Centre

"Re: Rice and Civilization (long) (fwd)"
オーストラリア、Southern Cross University, FUTURES-L (29 Apr 1997)

"_Asia-Pacific EXchange Electronic Journal_"
Electronic/Online Journals in Linguistics & Communications
米国ネバダ大学 Linguistic Funland (19 May 1997)

"Ideological Spamming vs. Academia in Cyberspace"
Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 11, No. 46 (19 May 1997)

"Greetings from southwestern Japan"
米国テネシー大学、Friends and Partners China (29 May 1997)

"Evaluating Online Instruction and Language Teaching"
米国ネバダ大学 Linguistic Funland - Publications (July 1997)

"Meet the Worldcom Members"
米国ニュージャージー、マルチカルチュラリズムに関するグループ WorldCom (20 October 1997)

"Academic Websites subject to Attribution Ethics"
Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 11, No. 433 (1 December 1997)
Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London

"From Bilingualism to Biculturalism"
松山国際センター、1997 December Announcements

"Thanks to the International Center"
松山国際センター, Guestbook (December 1997)

"... East and West can be united within oneself"
Multicultural Pavilion Guestbook

"Opening the Conference Gates to K-12 and Worldwide Educators :Kagawa
Junior College, Japan : Steve McCarty ::online conferencing"
EDU2: Educational Technology

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