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This is a site for personal use where I record URL addresses of the thousands of Web pages where my work is represented. This directory contains some Japanese language that requires appropriate fonts to read. Please visit my many Websites with content, especially the Bilingualism and Japanology Intersection, an Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library 4-star site, or the organizational page I maintain as President of the World Association for Online Education.

Steve McCarty, Professor, Osaka Jogakuin College (2004-2015)

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1996 including East-West Discourse, Hawaii sites

1996-97 including Online Conferences, MOO

Early 1998 including Humanist Series

Mid-1998 including Cultural Liberation, Asian Studies

1998-99 including Hawaii TCC Keynote, OCC-L

Mid-1999 including European collaboration

Early 2000 including DEOS-L

Mid-2000 to year's end, including H-Japan

Early 2001 including dotforce, H-Asia

From Mid-2001 including bilingualism & child research (CRN)

Early 2002 including WebCT, sites

Mid-2002 including e-Learning World, Web power points

Late 2002 including Yahoo! Japan, Google & other directories

Mid-2003 including 4 more in Stanford's Japan WWW Virtual Library

Late 2003 including getCITED selected publications

2004 including Educational Technology & Society & CRN

2005 including Tsukuba online education course & Japancasting

2006 including mobile phone site & Web directory entry

2007 including Wireless Ready conference keynote address

2008-2014 including class materials & edited students' publications

2015- including Implementing Mobile Language Learning Technologies in Japan

Updated 20 October 2016