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For ICT in Japan, see the Japanese Computerization and Society class homepage

ICT articles and papers

Academic study of ICT

ICT definition & use in education | Academic perspective on IT | Internet trends 2017 report | ITU global ICT report | Online & Mobile trends | Paper on learning English online


Definition of MOOCs (massive open online courses) | Presentation on MOOCs | Learning to Learn Online (MOOC site) | Article on Learning Management Systems (LMS) | Top 200 technologies for education | Learning languages online (free app for vocabulary, etc.) | e-Learning timeline | e-Portfolio video | Top Educational Technology Trends

Mobile phones and m-Learning

Mobile Web definition | Gamification of education | Psychology of gamification | Evidence that gamification doesn't help learning |Smartphone addiction in the attention economy The Guardian (2017) | The Attention Economy: video / TV interview on brain hacking (2017)

Social Media

U.S. Social Media use (Pew survey, 2016) | Why Twitter is increasing the character limit but not for Japanese & Chinese | How YouTube hunts for offensive content (2018) / YouTube | Facebook ads | Big data in politics | Online advertising (ad tech) | Ad Tech in politics (Twitter thread) | NYT Video on bots & trolls | Video: How Russia Hacked America | TED Talk video: AI dystopia to sell ads / related NYT article (2017) | Easy to weaponize Facebook, Twitter, and Google (2017) | Russia misused American corporate adtech (2017) | Closing of the Internet (2017) | How tech companies dominate Americans' time (2017) | Facebook's business model problem (2018) |

ICT in various fields

Virtual & Augmented Reality | Easing use of AI (MIT, 2017) | Google's AI in hardware | Economics of AI (2017) | IoT for smart cities | Botnets & cyber-crime | IoT botnet attacks (2017) | Blockchain technology (2017) | Line to integrate cryptocurrencies | Eco-friendly Mobile apps (NYT, 2017) | China's social credit system / Chinese tech companies involved in the social credit system (2017) | Universities must prepare for a technology-enabled future (2018)

For the Division of International Affairs, KUGF, Steve McCarty also teaches
Japanese Computerization and Society & Research Methods for Social Sciences,
and counsels for the International Education Support Office

New book: Implementing Mobile Language Learning Technologies in Japan
by S. McCarty & Tokyo profs. H. Obari & T. Sato. See it at:
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