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The Global Shikoku Internet Project is a local electronic text initiative coordinated by Kagawa Junior College Professor Steve McCarty. Steve has republished his research papers and parts of his edited books about Shikoku on the World Wide Web in English, Japanese, French and, with European collaboration, Spanish and Dutch. Translators for other languages are welcome to host versions at their own Websites. In this way people worldwide can learn about one traditional region of Japan while local people learn how to explain their culture to non-Japanese. Progress of the project is reported on this Web page. This Website has been linked from the Japan WWW Virtual Library at Stanford University. Project publications are listed below this photo of Ritsurin Park in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, Shikoku Island:

当イニシアチブの業績 (Project Publications)

"Legend of the Woman Diver"
English translation and historical investigation of a Noh drama
associated with Shido Temple in Shikoku, including a Japanese
language summary and references (March 1998).
「『海女 』の和英翻訳・歴史的研究・解釈」という英語・日本語による論文

"The Global Shikoku Internet Project"
Asian Database Online Community Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 1 No. 1
(18 March 1998)
Ohio State University, East Asian Libraries Cooperative WWW

Spanish translation of the above article by J.C. Rodriguez Santos (February 1999)

Dutch translation by Geert Drieghe in Belgium (February 1999)
"Overzicht: Eiland van Pelgrims en Bannelingen"

"Multilingual Initiatives from Southwestern Japan:
Global Shikoku Internet Project Update"
Asian Database Online Community Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 1 No. 2
(23 June 1998)

French Guide to Shikoku Island, Japan
『英和ガイドブック SHIKOKU 』のフランス語バージョン
(March 1998)

"French Guide to the Seto Inland Sea"

"French Guide to the Pilgrimage of Shikoku"

"French Guide to Kagawa Prefecture, Japan"

"French Guide to Ehime Prefecture, Japan"

"French Guide to Kouchi Prefecture, Japan"

"French Guide to Tokushima Prefecture, Japan"

English-Japanese Guide to Shikoku Island, Japan
『英和ガイドブック SHIKOKU 』の英語・日本語バージョン
(September 1998)

"Introduction to Shikoku and Japanese Terms"

"Guide to the Seto Inland Sea Region of Japan"

"Guide to the Pilgrimage of Shikoku"

"Guide to Kagawa Prefecture, Japan"

"Guide to Ehime Prefecture, Japan"

"Guide to Kouchi Prefecture, Japan"
"Guide to Tokushima Prefecture, Japan"

Version espanola de Shikoku Bilingual Guidebook
上記のスペイン語バージョン (February 1999)
Spanish translation by Juan Carlos Rodriguez Santos

Nederlandstalig Gidsboek voor Shikoku
上記のオランダ語バージョン (February 1999)
Dutch translation by Geert Drieghe in Belgium

Japan in Miniature: Guide to Kagawa Prefecture
四国新聞社出版) (July 2000)

Welcome to Kagawa Prefecture

Kagawa History, Great Saint and Pilgrimage

Sanuki Udon Noodles and Entertainment in Kagawa

Takamatsu Capital Area of Kagawa

Momotaro Legend and Islands near Takamatsu

Seto Great Bridge and Central Kagawa

Zentsuji and Kotohira: Buddhist and Shinto Mecca

Kanonji and West Kagawa

Encyclopedia entries on Japanese religiosity and syncretism

"Shikoku, the Pilgrimage Island of Japan"

"Mount Koya, Japan"

"Buddhist Syncretism in Japan"

In Johnston, W. (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Monasticism, pp. 893-895, 1162-1164, 1223-1225.
Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, ISBN 1-57958-090-4 (September 2000).
「日本の遍路の島ー四国」 / 「高野山」 / 「日本における仏教の諸説統合」
(金毘羅山における神仏等の習合), 『修道院百科事典』

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