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Invitation to participate in an e-mail discussion list on Asia and the Pacific Rim. Details on how to join and use the list. Subscription options and suggestions for members.

The East-West Discourse List (EWD-L)

This e-mail discussion list aims to promote East-West mutual understanding and respect by discussing contemporary issues such as East-West biculturalism, multilingualism, cross-cultural communication and pragmatics, post-colonialism, indigenization, preservation of Asian cultures and application of their social wisdom to world issues.

The East-West Discourse List (EWD-L) is a multidisciplinary, academically-based discussion list founded in 1996 by Steve McCarty in Japan, with the cooperation of the University of Hawaii. Roughly 200 subscribers from about 30 countries representing every continent exchange academic but informal and friendly messages. Much of the discourse is between Asians and Westerners, with viewpoints also from European and Latin American scholars. EWD-L subscribers have also received announcements about Asia-related Websites, online publications, and academic conferences held entirely online. EWD-L aims to be educational: meeting the needs of non-native speakers of English; and inviting students as well as educators to join, Westerners for example asking questions to East Asians, and vice versa. Moreover, we should like to experiment with a multicultural discourse genre, for one thing by incorporating an East Asian-inspired cooperative communication style.

To join the East-West Discourse List, please e-mail the message:

subscribe ewd-l Your Name

to: <listproc@hawaii.edu>

There is also a digest option, whereby you receive no more than one e-mail message per day, compiling all messages of the previous day. After joining the East-West Discourse List and receiving a welcoming message, simply send the message:

set ewd-l mail digest

For further assistance, please e-mail: <mccarty@mail.goo.ne.jp>

Subscription Options and List Etiquette for Members

A fundamental concern with discussion lists is to send messages to the right place. Using the CC function is usually unnecessary when responding to someone's message to the list, because that person will receive your reply if you address it to the list. But when using the convenient REPLY function, we need to make sure the message is addressed to the intended receiver.@

Please send e-mail to one of the following four places:

1. <ewd-l@hawaii.edu>
for discussions by list members related to East-West Discourse.
(Note that the brackets < ... > are not part of any of these addresses.)

2. <the e-mail address of someone who posted to ewd-l>
for personal messages to that individual.

Be careful when using the convenient REPLY function for 1 & 2 above,
making sure of the address appearing at the top of your message after TO:

Etiquette of using the QUOTE & REPLY function includes erasing everything in the quoted message that is not necessary for list members to read again, or else paraphrasing the previous message, to keep what people have to read to the minimum necessary.

3. <mccarty@mail.goo.ne.jp>

for questions and comments about the EWD-L discussion list itself.

Note that Steve is in Japan while the host computer is at the University of Hawaii, so Steve can neither put people on the list nor take them off. Please write to Steve for help if trying 4. below does not succeed.

4. <listproc@hawaii.edu>

For commands to the host computer & info about subscription options.
(Both upper case and lower case letters should work for commands and addresses.) Most of these commands are in the message that welcomes you to the list. All of the following are to be sent, as the body of your message, with nothing in the SUBJECT line, from the subscriber's computer to



to cancel your subscription.

SUBSCRIBE EWD-L Your_first_name Last_name

to subscribe,

or when recommending the East-West Discourse List to other individuals, lists, or publications.


to stop your subscription temporarily, such as when you go on vacation or worry about an overflow of your e-mail box.


to resume a subscription that has been postponed.


(The last four digits are just examples for January or February 1998). Especially for new members, all the posts of previous months will be sent to you in digest form if you send this type of command to the server.


To receive a list of all the non-concealed subscribers and their e-mail addresses. Use this only for academic purposes or to find the e-mail address of an acquaintance.


for more information about your subscription options and commands to the host computer <listproc@hawaii.edu>.

Remember that all of the commands capitalized above are only to be sent to <listproc@hawaii.edu>

Recommendations of the East-West Discourse List on the Web

East-West Discoursants may be interested to know the extent to which the East-West Discourse List has been publicized on the World Wide Web. Besides our loyal core of members from Asia and all around the world, various notices about this list on the Internet help us keep growing and reaching more people interested in bridging the East and West.

If you know of EWD-L being mentioned on the Internet other than the sites listed below, kindly email: <mccarty@mail.goo.ne.jp>.

Please make a link to this page or recommend
the East-West Discourse List (EWD-L) to others.
For further information about any of the above matters,

For an introduction of the EWD-L founder,
Professor Steve McCarty in Japan, just click here.

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