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2. Shikoku Bilingual Guidebook (1993).
Takamatsu: Biko Books.

On the Web in 5 languages (1998):
English-Japanese (at this Website)
French (at this Website)
Spanish (University of Seville, Spain)
Dutch (University of Leuven, Belgium)

1. Kagawa (1988).
Takamatsu: Shikoku Newspaper Company.

On the Web as "Japan in Miniature:
Guide to Kagawa Prefecture"
English-Japanese (at this Website)


42. "Onrain to ofurain no Yugo" [Fusion of Online and Offline]
Member Dispatch. Tokyo: NPO Japan Advanced Education and IT Institute (February 2005)

41. "Comment on Takamitsu Sawa's Article "Universities Lack Will to Reform""
Japanese Institute of Global Communications
Tokyo: International University of Japan (November 2004)
[If interested, first read Professor Sawa's reprinted Japan Times article]

27. "E-Learning with a Playful Spirit"
Tokyo: Child Research Net: Home Page Topics for Discussion (October 2001)

26. "Tokyo Multimedia Snow Theme Playshop Designed for Children's Creativity"
Tokyo, Child Research Net: Home Page Topics for Discussion (April 2001)

25. World Association for Online Education (WAOE) early 2001 news
WAOE Views (9 March 2001)

24. "World Association for Online Education Dues Abolished"
Penn State, DEOS-L (22 September 2000)

22. "Japan's Education Ministry to recognize Virtual Universities"
Penn State, DEOS-L (25 June 2000)

21. "Response: Should virtual universities be accredited?"
The Chronicle of Higher Education Colloquy (29 October 1999)

20. "Role of Universities in the Future Information Society"
Distance Education Online Symposium (DEOS-L)
Pennsylvania State University, American Center
for the Study of Distance Education (20 October 1999).

18. "Invitation to join the World Association for Online Education"
Australia, University of Melbourne, ONLINE-ED (16 May 1999)

17. "An International Family"
WEB: WAOE Electronic Bulletin, Volume 1, No. 2
[autobiographical essay by invitation] (28 March 1999)
World Association for Online Education (WAOE)

16. "Turning Online Education into a New Professional Discipline"
Technology and Learning Community (TLC), From the Field
League for Innovation in the Community College (22 March 1999)

14. "Multilingual Initiatives from Southwestern Japan"
Asian Database Online Community Electronic Newsletter Vol. 1 No. 2
Ohio State University, East Asian Libraries Cooperative WWW (23 June 1998)

9-11. "Reconstituting Academia in Cyberspace" / "Questions for Online Education" /
"Ethics to Guide Technology"
Online College Classroom OCC-L (January 1998)

8. "Japanese Culture Colors the Media Lens"
The Fortunian Times (September 1997)
(Main Feature in a London virtual city monthly magazine)

6. "Mission of JALT's N-SIGs"
Chubu U, Japan. Introduces the National SIGs of the
Japan Association for Language Teaching (July 1996)

5. "World Time Zones"
Online College Classroom List (5 March 1997).

2. "Olympic Results Reflect Trajectory of Post-War Japan"
Webgeist, 1 (2), (13 October 1996).

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38. Review of Making Pilgrimages
Pacific Affairs, Vol. 78, No. 3, pp. 486-487
University of British Columbia, Canada (January 2006)

26. "Report: Networking for Global Online Education"
Virtual University Journal, 3 (1), pp. 8-10 (February 2000)
U.K., ingenta Journals database, ISSN: 1460-7468

20. "A View from Abroad: Japanese Educators Face
Some of the Same Issues as Their U.S. Counterparts
Academic Exchange Quarterly, 1 (1), 71 (September 1997).
Online companion article: "Faculty Treatment in the U.S. and Japan"

17. "Intanetto no Ayumi (A Path in Cyberspace)"
Kagawa Junior College Campus Research, 25, 1-6 (March 1997).

16. "The Internet for Educator Development"
The Language Teacher, 20 (9), 17-18 (September 1996).

15. "The Convergence of Specialist and Generalist Knowledge
accelerated by Computer Communications
Kagawa Junior College Journal, 24, 1-6 (1996).

14. "Evaluating AV Materials for Bilingual Development"
Video Rising, 8 (1), 4-5 & 14 (1996).
Republished by Video Rising Online

12-13. "Biculturals not 'Half' but 'Double'"
"Biracial Identity discussed on Radio via the Internet"
(the above two articles together as: Bilingualism News Summaries)
Bilingual Japan, 5 (1), 10 (1996).

11. Database of Bilingualism Presenters in Japan
JALT Executive Newsletter, 20 (1), (1996).

9. "Practitioners of the liberal arts"
The Language Teacher, 19 (11), 43-44 (1995).

8. "Citation analysis of Bilingualism N-SIG publications"
Bilingual Japan, 4 (4), 7-10 (1995).

7. "Aum phenomenon related to decline of the liberal arts?"
ON CUE*, 3 (1), 8-11 (1995). [* CUE = College and University Educators]

6. "Intercultural Communication and Acculturation: Whose Domain?"
Bilingual Japan, 4 (3), 7-8 (1995).

5. "Seiyo Bunka no Kousei ni tsuite"
Kagawa Junior College Journal, 23, 23-24 (1995).

4. "JACET to kyoryoku suru kikkake"
On CUE, 2 (2), 9 (1994).

3. "The Plight of Foreign Teachers at National Universities"
On CUE, 1 (2), 14-15 (1993).

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24. "Machine-Aided Spoken Language Evaluation: The Test Delivery Module"
(Teaman, McCarty & Tamura). Japan e-Learning Association, Kobe (19 November 2005)

10. "International/Multicultural Issues and New Technologies for Learning"
Fifth Annual Teaching in the Community Colleges Online Conference
Honolulu, University of Hawaii - Kapiolani CC (20 April 2000)

6. "Theorizing East-West Biculturalism from Japanese-English
Bilingualism Research: Nigengo heiyo no kenkyu kara nibunka
heiyo no riron e"
Bilingual presentation at JALT-Matsuyama
and a reunion as Chapter founder in 1983 (14 December 1997)

5. "The English Language Teaching Profession in Japan:
Native Speakers versus Natives of the Culture"
Coordinator of the Colloquium on Cross-Cultural Communication/Japan,
Knowledge and Discourse Conference, University of Hong Kong (18 June 1996).

4. "Revalorizing General Education and TEFL in Japan"
First Annual Teaching in the Community Colleges Online Conference,
based at Kapiolani Community College, Honolulu (25 March 1996).

3. "L2 Research Areas of Interest in Japan"
Bilingually moderated a roundtable of Japanese and English speakers
representing the National SIGs or research groups of the
Japan Association for Language Teaching).
A Greater Vision: Teaching Towards the Future in Japan.
Showa Women's University (20 November 1994).

2. "Cultural Identity of Bilinguals in Japan"
JALT 92 (Annual International Conference on Language Teaching/Learning).
Tokyo International University (22 November 1992).

1. "Cognitive and ethical benefits of adult consecutive
Japanese-English bilinguality and biculturality".
The Second JALT National SIG Conference. Osaka (27 September 1992).

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"Gleanings from Pacific Asia" series selections (1997-98)
Humanist Discussion Group London University Centre for Computing in the Humanities

"Academic Websites subject to Attribution Ethics" Vol. 11, No. 433 (1 December 1997) / "Korea-Japan-U.S. Website copying case closed" Vol. 11, No. 467 (December 1997) / Japan's Cultural Receptivity to Computers" Vol. 11, No. 473 (17 December 1997) / "A matter more of expressiveness than infrastructure" Vol. 11, No. 482 (22 December 1997) / "50 Excellent Universities in Asia" Vol. 11, No. 500 (7 January 1998) / "The Net Facing Chinese Humanists" Vol. 11, No. 549 (30 January 1998)

"Steve McCarty's East-West Perspectives from Japan" series (1999-present)
The Education Companion Newsletter (K-12, New York City)

"Culture Crossed" (humor) Issue #3 (June 1999) / "More Culture Crossed" Issue #4 (August 1999) / "Making Real Haiku Poetry" Issue #5 (September 1999) / "The Woman Diver: Discovering East Asian Values in a Buddhist Folktale" Issue #6 (October 1999) / "Conducting Academic Conferences Online" Issue #7 (December 1999) / " Motivating Interfaces for the 2000's" Issue #8 (February 2000) / "World Association for Online Education (WAOE) 2000 Update" Issue #9 (April 2000) / "Child Research Net and K-12 Education in Japan" Issue #10 (June 2000) / "Japan's IT Educational Reforms and Asian Digital Divide Plans" Issue #11 (November 2000)

World Association for Online Education (WAOE) "President's Corner" (2003-2004)
WEB - WAOE Electronic Newsletter (Portland State University)

Vol. 3 (2003) No. 2 (June) Expanded multilingual membership services / No. 3 (July) Annual Members' Meeting held online / No. 4 (September) Founding purposes stand the test of time? / No. 5 (October) Thinking of Basics (parameters of online education) / No. 6 (December) Connectivity: the 'Line' in Online Education / Vol. 4 (2004) No. 1 (Jan/Feb) Internet Voice Technologies for Oral Foreign Language Teaching / No. 2 (May) Leadership in Introducing Educational Technology in Japan / No. 3 (November) Virtual Organization goes Hybrid as Online meets Offline

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World Association for Online Education (WAOE) in Columns
One-stop portal to the organization. Membership is now free.

WAOE Organizational Page in Japan
WAOE News Release, elected and appointed officers, committee system,
supportive organizations, multilingual project, and how to contribute.

WAOE blog Intercultural Literacy (since May 2003)

Spoken Libraries (podcasting)
(WAOE Community Audio Learning Project)
(July 2005)

Online Educator Development Practicum (WAOE 100)
MetaCollege virtual learning environment for WAOE members learning to teach online.
Not subscribing any longer. See the WAOE home page or mid-2000 Annual Meeting.

East-West Discourse List Home Page
Dialogue between Asians and Westerners, hosted by the University of Hawaii from 1996.
More complete Japanese-annotated version of this Website.

Vietnamese-American niece

e-Testimony to the Web-Based Education Commission (U.S. Congress)

Photo album Steve in Japan
Japanese language interface but intuitively clickable (since May 2003)

International Program for Africa
(hosted for Dr. John Afele from August 2002)

Russian-Japanese educational cooperation
(hosted for Prof. Boris Sedunov in Moscow from November 2002)

Japan Journal of Multilingualism and Multiculturalism
Introducing the print journal of the JALT Bilingualism SIG, 1998-2004.

Global Shikoku Internet Project
Local electronic text initiative in 5 languages, annotated in Japanese.

Kokubunji Kids
Web tour and international chat for Japanese 4th graders.

Osaka Jogakuin College classes (April 2004-2005):
Academic Vocabulary [WebCT] information page
Individual, Cultural and Linguistic Human Rights

YouTube Group - Educational

Practical English Class Home Page / Syllabus in Japanese
Kagawa Junior College students made their own home pages in a computer classroom, 1998-2004.

JALT Bilingualism SIG Website Map
Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT) Bilingualism SIG Home Page
[From 2004 moved to]

4-star rating by
the Asian Studies
WWW Virtual Library
in 2003.

Global University System Asia-Pacific Framework | News & Links
Assisting Dr. Takeshi Utsumi et al from 1999-2003

Interactive Basic English Composition Course Information Page
WebCT Japanese version, developing online courses based at Nagoya University, 2000-2002, now offline.

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