Greetings from Japan. As President of the World Association for Online Education (WAOE) from 1998-2001, I appreciate the Commission's mandate and offer the services of an international network of volunteers. We recently were able to abolish membership dues, for the sake of access and equity for the global community of educators and the less privileged who are nevertheless interested in professional development to teach online.

With my background in Asian Studies, specializing in Japan, I have been following educational developments within Japan, sometimes translating news that does not otherwise appear in English, such as the announcement that online classes would be recognized and that virtual universities could be accredited. I also assist the Global University System led by Dr. Takeshi Utsumi in New York, who is to attend the Commission's hearing. Please check out some of the links below and let me know by e-mail if I may be of any further assistance. Thank you.

Japanese Culture Meets Online Education Educom Review (1999)

"Voluntaristic Online Education and the Future with Japan"

Teaching in the Community Colleges Online Conference 1998 Keynote Address

"Cultural Liberation: East-West Biculturalism for a New Century"

University of Virginia Multicultural Pavilion International Project (1998)

"Opening the Conference Gates to K-12 and Worldwide Educators"

(how to conduct academic conferences entirely online) The Well Connected Educator (1997)

"International/Multicultural Issues and New Technologies for Learning"

Fifth Annual Teaching in the Community Colleges Online Conference (2000)

"Should virtual universities be accredited?" The Chronicle of Higher Education Colloquy (1999)

"Role of Universities in the Future Information Society" Distance Education Online Symposium (1999)

"Japan's Education Ministry to recognize Virtual Universities" (DEOS, 2000)

"Reforms in Computer Education that are Possible for Japan"

Tokyo, Child Research Net: Educational Visions (15 September 2000)


Steve McCarty

Professor, Kagawa Junior College, Japan

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