WAOE Spoken Libraries: 2006 Update by Nick Bowskill:

Hi Everyone,

Good to hear from you again. Mike [Warner] just to pick up on your question about what might be the vision for further work..........and this picks up on your comments too Steve about members voices being heard and shared.........All of this is just a starter for helping to think about ideas and get a dialogue going between us on this.


Instead of developing collaborative projects (a project proposal that people join and mentor etc) as we did before, this time we provide an overview of individual work being done. This is work being done with audio and/or podcasting (sometimes called the cooperative model of communities). These resulting pages would provide a space for each active participant to share work and it allows people to see and comment on it if they wish.

The topic here is the use of audio or video for teaching and learning. The medium for communicating about it is ideally audio or video (but sharing textual comment is okay too and indeed its a part of it in terms of commenting on the work of others. Another time it could be a different topic all together. This topic is quite current though so hopefully there'll be motivation and interest.

There is a possibility for people to get an overview of the individual projects in progress at one place. But also it is possible to carry projects around on your mp3 player to help construct a sense of the community at work and to support reflection on them and on your own project too. The goal would be to coordinate this initiative by turning the individual projects and their progress into podcasts for the community helping it off the page and into portable/flexible community learning (this needs more thinking about in terms of the logistics). Maybe people would create their own space, post audio and then have it converted to podcast with their approval being gained or they could stop it where it is if they preferred. Or they could even podcast a summary of it and of progress themselves if they wished.


What will it look like either when its finished or as it develops? It could look a bit like the waoe.org/mentor page but rather than it being a teams based model its individual elearning projects shared with the community. The hope would be that it allows work at a different pace for each project yet it is still with a viewing public in mind. That public is also understood as an active critical public that would offer comments, direction and support for individuals. There would also be several podcasting channels -one for each project? - and one for the thing as a whole that would help people carry WAOE with them.


We could use a shared/group blog for this so that people can write to the web directly and share it straight away. If the blog doesn't allow audio then we'll have to stick them on a server somewhere and link to them.

People posting there can do any of the following:

1. report and reflect on the use of audio/podcasting in their practice 

2. share actual np3 files or video from their practicve

3. produce an mp3 or video summary of their practice

4. produce an audio or video report reflecting on issues of interest or concern

 If the idea of providing open access for people to post audio etc is too insecure then perhaps we could invite people to create their own blog and use a controlled blog to link to them all and for management of them.


I wonder if we might be a voluntary management group for this. We could create intermittent podcasts visioning the idea, the model, the progress etc to help it allong. For example, if we revise this model and vision between us we could each produce an audio comment on it and we can sew it together into a podcast for sharing. Alternatively or additionally that management podcast could be posted as one of the projects in the shared blog. That would result in individual projects being hosted in the same place as the explanation/management. This doesn't have to be anything too demanding and could just be every 2 months or something like that.

Again this could be audio or video reports and thoughts from members of the management team. It doesn't have to make it into hard work if it means getting everyone to produce a single file is too much like hard work. We could have a page or section for management that reflected the same model of individuals expressing their thoughts in audio or video and allowing others to comment on it and other issues. This one might be less of a security risk because of everyone being known and trusted. Summaries could be produced of both the management projects and of the community projects as and when appropriate, practical or useful.


We might even get itunes uni to sponsor us or regard us as a distributed informal university for the purpose of providing us with shared space and facilities. There must be some people that would sponsor us either with space or tools or money. Maybe someone like learningtimes.org might be approached to provide a hosting space and resources for this - a community inside a community? Or maybe we know of others that might help. The main thing is not to make it too difficult and a big workload for anyone of us.


We need to make find out if there is a shared blog tool that could be used like this and think about whether we can allow each person to post freely or whether it needs someone to act as a gatekeeper and post it for them.

 Anyway thats probably enough if not too much for now. It'd be interested to hear what people think, what resources we might call upon, what changes might help etc. This is all just thinking aloud for now.


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