WAOE Spoken Libraries: survey questions by Nick Bowskill in the UK:

1. Would you do our listeners a favour and just provide an overview of your country and the kind of climate and geography of the place?

2. Would you describe it as technologically advanced?

Work Environment
3. What is your work environment actually like?

4. Are you a multi-campus site and if so do you work across more than one site?

5. How engaged is your university with providing support for learning technology and do they see it as important?

Learning Technology
6. What kinds of technology have you used and why did you use that or those technologies?

7. How did you get involved in developing the use of learning technology?

8. What is the attitude of your students towards mediated learning?

9. How has it impacted upon your workload if at all?

10. How do you support the students using technology?

11. What kind of study skills as well as technical skills do you - as an institution or individually - support them with?

12. What are your early thoughts on the idea or practice of podcasting?

13. What kind of issues would it present for your own practice?

14. Do you have an iPod or mp3 player?

15. What made you decide to join the WAOE?

16. What kinds of activities would you like to see within any online community including WAOE?

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