WAOE Spoken Libraries

The purpose of this site is to organize World Association for Online Education (WAOE) Spoken Library projects such as podcasting sites so that more members and visitors can participate in this new stage of spoken Internet to go.

Project Plan described by Nicholas Bowskill in England, who also led the WAOE Mentoring Project / 2006 Update

Survey Questions for WAOE members to record their answers in podcasts, audio files (.mp3, .wma or other format), or recorded Skype interviews, possibly conference calls. Nick Bowskill, who composed these questions, would record the interview, so you would just need to have a microphone and install the free Skype software. e-mail Nick for more information.

WAOE Podcasting Sites at Blogmatrix (free for a month, then inexpensive)

WAOE Community Audio Learning Project by Nick Bowskill


Mike Warner

Cliff Layton

Web page by Steve McCarty in Japan | e-mail questions or comments