April 1998 Teaching in the Community Colleges Online Conference Keynote Address that proposed the formation of WAOE

Apr.-Oct. 1998: Univ. of Hawaii archives of discussions on forming WAOE

Apr. 1998-June 1999: Univ. of Idaho archives of announcements of WAOE milestones

July 1998-present: eGroups archives of discussions

Apr. 1998: Web BBS WAOE Constitutional Convention

May 1998: With MIKSIKE sponsorship, Mihkel Pilv registers WAOE domain name from Estonia

May 1998: WAOE e-journal launched by Julia Keefer at NYU

June 1998: Jenna Seehafer of California State Univ. starts incorporating WAOE in Sacramento as an NPO

Aug. 1998: voting to approve WAOE Founding Propositions and first election of WAOE Directors

Nov. 1998 announcement of WAOE forwarded widely on the Net.

Feb. 1999 Special Members' Meeting ballot results ratifying Bylaws and elected Directors / World Culture Festival

April 1999 Inaugural Directors' Meeting Minutes

June 1999 Inaugural Members' Meeting: Multilingual WAOE Project started / free discussions on making the Net more multilingual and multicultural / Agenda in the form of a Web tutorial / President's Address / Membership Report

July 1999 WAOE-Child Research Net collaboration on Summer Festivals in Japan

July 1999: Annual Directors' Meeting Minutes

Feb.-Mar. 2000: Special Directors' Meeting

Mar.-Apr.2000: Special Directors' Meeting

June 2000: WAOE Annual Members' Meeting 2000

July 2000: Annual Directors' Meeting Records of WAOE Meetings (Executive Secretary Alan Rea)

Feb. 14 - Mar. 7: Early 2001 WAOE News WebBoard meeting summary

June 2001: WAOE Annual Members' Meeting 2001

July 2001: Annual Directors' Meeting

June-July 2002 Annual Members' Meeting

August 2002 WAOE hosts International Program for Africa Website

Fall 2002 WAOE hosts international work of Moscow professors

January 2003 Member networking site proposed

February 2003 Officers represent a dozen countries

April 2003 WAOE leaves private ISPs for a new home base at Portland State University

June 2003 Member Networking Site released and WAOE Newsletter (WEB) Reinstituted