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The WAOE Organization

WAOE is an international nonprofit public benefit corporation (NPO), a virtual association of educators working to turn online education into a professional discipline.


Meetings are currently held via a Google group list . When you become a member, you are invited to become part of a discussion list named WAOE-views. As these lists are managed by volunteers, it may take up to seven days for you to receive the invitation to become part of these lists. Send inquiries to the WAOE Cyber-Parliamentarian or the Webmaster if you have questions about accessing these lists.


The VIEWS list is the primary vehicle for education, project discussions and assignments, annual meetings, and mentoring new members. It will also include formal announcements relating to the business of WAOE as an organization. Formal meetings conducted on the VIEWS list include the annual meeting, voting for directors, and announcements about WAOE projects looking for participation.

Online-Ed wrote an article that effectively introduces the World Association of Online Educators in 1999.




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