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Updates on Mentor Projects from Nick Bowskill

Mongolia Open University Project

The project from Mongolia is proceeding very well indeed. There have now been over 70 messages between members of the team. I'm also happy to report that the project holder is fully engaged in the discussions. This is making for a rich learning conversation for everyone involved. I've set up a quick web site at http://nicholas.bowskill for the project and indeed the initiative.


We've been focussing on the task to make it as practical and context sensitive as possible. We've got it down to the task of producing an online handbook for tutors in a blended learning context. This is where we could use a bit of support from the whole WAOE community. If you are aware of any existing online handbooks then please would you mind sharing them on this list? We can use them as general instances of our specific task and as a possible source of models. The project team can then look at adapting or developing some of the examples to make it context-sensitive to Mongolia. Finally, there is an open invitation to anyone interested in bringing a project for support to the WAOE. Projects must be to do with e-learning. The cost of available support is only your time and engagement with the mentoring team we put together.


Middle East Project

We have a new project from the Middle East concerned with the construction of a learning community for educational development in that part of the world. The goal will broadly be to design an information or topic architecture for educational development that can then be used to help shape a learning community. This will involve dialogue to identify the key topics and how a learning community should operate in a Middle Eastern context. I'll create a web page on the site at .


Other Projects

As always, we continue to welcome any further opportunities to construct a learning conversation around informal learning projects. We aim to generate a useful dialogue and to support inter-cultural understanding through focused dialogue.

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