Voting Membership


You may elect to become a voting member at the time you decide to join WAOE. When you fill out the membership form you would select voting member to ensure your rights to participate fully in WAOE decision-making.

Also, any associate member who wishes to become a voting member may do so at any time by filling out the voting update form. This conversion of membership is effective 10 days after the request is received. Once conferred, voting-member status will continue for as long as each designated voting member wishes to retain this level of participation in WAOE.

     Voting members are those members who have formally identified themselves as people who wish to participate in the governance of the Association. They attend formal meetings of the Association, make nominations and cast votes in general elections for WAOE, and participate in the ballots through which key decisions affecting WAOE are taken. They may organise working groups for specific projects, or join and participate in WAOE committees. Voting members are the "members" referred to in the WAOE Bylaws in compliance with the requirements of Californian incorporation law. (See Article 12 of the Bylaws for more information about membership.)   See "Voting Members" for more information about WAOE's Voting Member status.


Relinquishing Voting Membership 

    Voting members may revert to non-voting status (i.e., associate members) by updating the voting update form at least 10 days before a formal ballot or meeting.