Maintaining Membership

If you have been a member of WAOE and then decide to quit, please send an email to the WAOE cyber-parlimentarian and include in it a statement of your intention to quit WAOE membership.

Both associate and voting members are required to update the membership form if their name, email address, or postal address changes. Failing to report changes in name, email address, or postal address by July 30 of each year will be taken as resignation from WAOE (WAOE Bylaws, Article 12, Section 9).

Once the database is completed, both associate and voting members will also fill out an online membership renewal form between July 1 and July 30 of each year to affirm their continued membership.

WAOE is a nonprofit organization relying mainly upon donations to provide services to members. Your donations are gratefully accepted: contact WAOE's Treasurer, Mike Holmwood.