These pages are to help WAOE members network by sharing information about ourselves, as well as our current and future projects and research interests. If you are looking for a grant partner or multiple partners it can be highlighted here. We will also keep a running list of worldwide conferences that cover online education with the hope that members can make arrangements to meet face-to-face when traveling to similar locations.

If you have other ideas for how we can use these pages to network, please contact Maggie McVay Lynch and she will implement them if at all possible. The information contained here is garnered from the Member Update Sheet you completed recently or when you joined WAOE. Additional information you may wish to include with your name is:

These pages will only work if everyone contributes. I will try to update them on a regular basis. If you have an immediate need for collaboration or to network then post to the WAOE-VIEWS list or browse the members here and make a direct contact via email.