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The primary discussion forum for WAOE is VIEWS. This forum is used both for topical discussions, as well as general membership business. Any member of WAOE may participate. The annual meeting is also conducted via this list.


When you become a member of WAOE, you are automatically added to the VIEWS list. If you find that you are not added within 72 hours of your membership, you should contact the webmaster so that she can make sure you are included.

As WAOE is a virtual organization and our primary communication method is via the VIEWS list, ALL members must be a member of this list. You may choose to limit your emails by selecting the digest option, or by selecting the "no mail" option when you are on vacation or unable to receive email for some time.


The VIEWS list is queried annually to ensure that emails are kept up to date. If your email is no longer in service and you have not updated your address with WAOE, you risk being dropped from the membership list because we are unable to verify your participation.


Any questions about participation in VIEWS should be directed to any ONE of the VIEWS list moderators below:




The Board meets via the WAOE-BOARD discussion list. Any member with VOTING status is able to participate in board discussions. By default the members of this list are the elected directors, the Chief Technology Officer, and those voting members who have indicated a desire to be part of the list and discussion. If you are a voting member and wish to be added to the WAOE-BOARD list, please contact the webmaster.


Other Discussion Lists

As committees or special projects are convened, other discussion lists may also be created. An invitation to join these committees or projects is always placed on the WAOE-VIEWS list first. Any members may request to be part of these additional lists and projects. Contact the committee or project chair to be added.

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