Sharing Cultures

Many members enjoy sharing their cultural heritage with pictures, stories, information about their country. We all benefit when we understand the background and important icons of each other's experience. These pages provide links to these items. If you have items you would like to share, send the links with a brief explanation to the webmaster and they will be included here.

The Taj Mahal Virtual Tour (Quick-Time). I've only once been to Agra (Uttar Pradesh) India way back in 80s, and it is always a pleasant experience to be there, sitting on the bank of river Yamuna and watching the White marble of Taj, Eighth wonder of the World! It is a heaven on the earth, but on the other side recently I heard that White marble is losing its whiteness, by the air and environment pollution. About Taj-Mahal, in Urdu, I can say "Taj Mahal Ek Khubsoorat Nagina Hai" (Taj Mahal is a Beautiful Diamond) Thanks and regards.-Arun Tripathi

My visit to Sri Lanka was a great eye-opener and an opportunity for me to learn about the people, the history and many cultures, and the need for online distributed education to increase the ability of poor and rural learners to get an education. Though I am not from Sri Lanka, I have attempted to capture what I learned in my brief visit in these pages. A year and a half later, I am still working on completing the site so there are a couple of links that are still under construction. If a member is from Sri Lanka and finds errors in my understanding, please let me know so that I may correct it immediately. Cheers. Maggie McVay Lynch