Welcome to the 2004
Annual Members Meeting!

The 2004 annual members meeting will begin June 25th at1000 GMT. The first thing to do is to register your participation in the meeting at the Roll Call page. Once you have completed your registration, you will participate in the meeting via the VIEWS listserv. Voting members should also register be sure to VOTE during the meeting.

WAOE's Views Listserv: To participate in the meeting, send an email to views@waoe.org. If you have not yet joined the VIEWS discussion list, click here to join. This will generate an email message. Simply click send and you will be activated within 10 minutes and can then participate by email. If you want to review everything that has happened in the meeting, you can quickly do that via the archives.

Views Digest Version: Over the next two weeks there will be a great deal of listserv activity in VIEWS. If you wish to limit the numbers of emails coming to your inbox you may wish to unsubscribe to the regular Views listserv and subscribe to the Views Digest for the next two weeks. We have set the Digest to be daily. This means you will get ONE email each day with a couple lines summary of all the postings. For those you wish to research more, you would go to the archives. To unsubscribe regular views and subscribe to the Digest version, click on the links above. This will generate an email. You do not need to add anything to the email. Simply click SEND.

WAOE Voting Members, it is very important that you participate in the discussions and the vote. Though all members may participate in the discussions, only voting members may cast ballots. The business of the meeting becomes official only when enough voting members register to establish a quorum.