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Individual Membership

The WAOE has an international database of individual members, elected and appointed officers dedicated to sharing information, collaboration on e-learning projects and publications. Visitors are welcome to join our communications on the WAOE-Views discussion list, look at our terms of free membership, with associate and voting categories, study our websites, and contact us.

Membership in WAOE is open to anyone in the world with an interest in the quality of online education. There are two categories of membership, only for individuals: associate members and voting members. WAOE automatically and immediately recognizes as associate members people who fill out and submit a valid membership registration form. Note that belonging to WAOE’s public discussion list VIEWS is a requirement of membership, as this is the primary means for informing members and participating in the organization.

Privacy Statement: Information you provide for WAOE membership will be kept private, used only to meet legal requirements for maintaining an accurate list of members and to contact you about WAOE requirements, events, and publications. The information will not be given to commercial establishments or to any other organisation except as required by law.

Two Types of Individual Membership:

Associate Members benefit from membership without making any commitment to participate directly in WAOE’s activities or coordination. For example, they subscribe to WAOE-Views, the primary discussion list for WAOE communications. Associate members may also participate in WAOE special events or projects.

Voting Members participate in the governance of the Association. They attend organizational meetings (virtually, through the WAOE-Views discussion list or other venues), make nominations and cast votes in general elections, and participate in key decisions affecting the organization.

The WAOE policies for “members” refer to the WAOE Bylaws in compliance with California incorporation laws when the WAOE was an official NPO from 1998-2011. Changing into an NGO since 2012, we are looking to simplify procedures, starting with the earlier policies as the default (see the WAOE NPO documents for more details).

WAOE Membership Form

If you wish to join WAOE, which is free but only as an individual, please copy and paste the items 1-7 below in order to send an e-mail message to our Membership Chair, Dr. Ramesh Sharma <ramesh.waoe (at)> with the following information:

1) Last Name

2) First Name

3) E-mail Address

4) Actual Address, including City, State (or Territory), and Country

5) School or Organization Affiliation

6) Brief description of your interest in WAOE and any expertise or background you may already have in online education that may help others in the organization. Note: You do not have to have expertise in online education to become a member. We also welcome those who wish to learn about the field.

7) Please indicate whether you wish to be a voting member or an associate member.

Note that belonging to WAOE’s public discussion list VIEWS is a requirement of membership as this is the primary means for contacting members and participating in the organization. Once your request is received, you will automatically be added to the VIEWS email discussion list.


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  2. Great initiative by Dr. Ramesh Sharma. I would definitely like to be a part of this movement.