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Who We Are

We are the premier world organization that promotes excellence in online education. Online education offers a new vision of empowerment for our planet, enabling more people than ever before to enjoy the benefits of learning in all disciplines. We seek to promote best practices of online education and to advocate its effective use.

We do not have a permanent office. Rather, as a global organization, we operate as collaborators across the world.

WAOE Elected and Appointed Directors

President (1998-2007, 2012-)
Prof. Steve McCarty, Osaka Jogakuin College and University, Japan

Vice-President (2012-)
Dr. John Afele, U.S.-West Africa Group, Tunisia / Ghana

Treasurer (2007-)
Mike Holmwood, Retired Division Chair, Langara College, Canada

Membership Chair (2008-)
Dr. Ramesh Sharma, Indira Gandhi National Open University, India

Executive Secretary (2012-)
Dr. (Ms.) Jodi Richardson-Delgado, Mesa Community College, U.S.

Chief Technology Officer (2012-, appointment length at Board discretion)
Ms. Victoria Ramirez, EFL teacher / Designer, Mexico

Cyber-Parliamentarian (1998-)
Michael Warner,Tempe HS / Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ., USA

Publicity Coordinator (2012-, elected Director since 2008)
Dr. (Ms.) Begum Ibrahim, MARA Institute of Technology, Malaysia

Publications Coordinator (2012-)
Dr. David Sidwell, Utah State Univ., USA

Research Coordinator (2012-)
Assoc. Prof. Adam Acar, Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, Japan

Research Officer (2012-)
Dr. Michael Thomas, University of Central Lancashire, UK

Program Coordinator (2012-)
Dr. (Ms.) Nellie Deutsch, Atlantic University, Canada

Program Officer (2012-)
John Spiers, Adjunct Lecturer in Business, U.S.

Journal Editor-in-Chief (2012-)
Dr. Rozhan Idrus, Open & Distance Learning, Universiti Sains Malaysia

Associate Editor (2012-)
Dr. (Ms.) Aiden Yeh, Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages, Taiwan

Associate Editor (2012-)
Regi Adams, Director of Knowledge Management, Apollo Group, U.S.

Associate Editor (2012-)
Ibrar Bhatt, PhD candidate, University of Leeds, UK

Associate Editor (2012-)
Dr. S.K. Pulist, Deputy Director, Distance Education Council, IGNOU, India

Officer At-Large (2012-)
Dr. Gary Wixom, Assistant Commissioner, Utah System of Higher Education, U.S.

Officer At-Large (2012-)
Dr. Kapil Sharma, Grad. Dep’t Head, JDB College for Girls, Rajasthan Gov’t, India

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