Welcome to Our New Website!

Welcome to our NEW and IMPROVED website! WAOE publications, blogs, and other communications are based here. Please join in!

We are excited to be involved in the global education movement, as online education continues to gain prominence in our world.


Sharing Stories

From Steve McCarty, President of WAOE:

The biggest WAOE membership benefit is having each other with us, yet we don’t get to know each other so easily as in a f2f organization. So I’ve been thinking it would be nice if we could read other members’ stories, your experiences of learning or teaching online, having anything to do with education over the Internet.

Just tell one episode which may highlight an issue in online education, and then other members would be welcome to respond. Our newsletter editor could occasionally compile such stories into a coherent narrative. Do you teach online, learn online, conduct academic or educational activities online? What is one interesting thing that happened or that you discovered?

Let’s get started benefiting more from one another.