08 – Hints & Tips

We all have discovered ways that have proven valuable to us in our online teaching, course design or administration. If you would like to share one of your discoveries, please use the “Comments” to do so!

Tips & hints are excellent, but even better are tips & hints with stories behind them. Tell us a story if you can; we would love to listen!

2 responses to 08 – Hints & Tips

  1. I have found that though I really must divide my course into weeks because of my university’s semester system, it really helps to also make divisions in terms of learning units, which are far more valuable. Then when I use a discussion or quiz, my students know that these items belong to a particular unit, and their learning is more connected and cohesive.

  2. interaction, interaction, interaction!

    ~ recognize that access, progress, and success will vary on any technology-affiliated enterprise = and that this applies to the facilitators as well as all participants

    ~ invest time in building and nurturing a sense of community

    ~ provide tutorials / FAQs / scavenger hunts / quizzes / games / multiple avenues to navigate the technology, the curriculum [have participants help create them as part of their learning journey]

    *note: Love the “wow-ee” story and happy to learn of this group today = through an email? through Scoop.It? I confess I already forget WHERE I learned of waoe.org, but nonetheless am glad I did.

    [Charlottesville, VA, USA]