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Annual Members' Meeting 2002

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Report from the Membership Director

David Wyatt

My apologies, first of all, for submitting my report after the start of the meeting.

July 2001 to June 2002 saw a significant increase in membership of WAOE. Associate Membership increased by some 30%, and Voting Membership by about 17%, on the previous year.

It is particularly striking that many of the new members are coming from Malaysia, Singapore and other Asian countries, and also from South America. We are clearly fulfilling our charter as the WORLD Association for Online Education!

The membership growth figures are very encouraging, given that WAOE has still a way to go in establishing the full set of services to members envisaged in the initial formative period. We are already meeting a need, it seems clear, with what we do offer, mainly via the WAOE-Views listserve. Imagine what our growth might be once we are able to provide more services and functions off the Web site.

Development of services continues to be hampered by the lack of efficient and secure online mechanisms for automated registration and the creation of discussion lists where WAOE's formal committees and working groups would be able to function, and members having similar interests could be matched with each other for informal networking, sharing of information and resources, and so on.

It is very heartening to read a number of recent messages on the WAOE-Views listserve expressing commitment to address our fundamental communication difficulties, and also to revive the WAOE Electronic Bulletin, and even to start up a new quarterly online journal.

This will be my last AGM as Membership Chair, although I will always stay in touch through the Coordinating Ring and WAOE-Views, and I will maintain a supportive role to the Executive Secretary.

I wish my successor to the post of Director responsible for membership every success in the role, and offer whatever assistance I can to ensure that the coming period of development for WAOE will be as exciting and productive as possible and - above all -focused squarely on addressing the needs and interests of all our members.

David Wyatt

Director:World Association for Online Education

Chair of the Membership Committee

Adelaide, South Australia

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