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Annual Members' Meeting 2002

Welcome to the World Association for Online Education

Annual Members' Meeting 2002

How to Participate

There are two venues for this meeting:

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link to WebBoard
  • WAOE's Views Listserv: To participate in the meeting, please join our WAOE Views discussion list if you have not done so already . Send email to imailsrv@list.waoe.org containing the following message:

    subscribe views <your_first_name your_last_name>

WAOE Voting Members

First: Please register your attendance as soon as possible beginning 1000 GMT on June 28, 2002. You will receive an email with your log in information once the meeting begins. The business of the meeting becomes official only when enough voting members register to establish a quorum.

Second: See our Agenda below and follow the links. Voting members may also discuss and vote on issues concerning the whole WAOE organization.

The Annual Board of Directors Meeting (ABM2002) will commence in the WebBoard on July 5, 2002 after the Annual Members' Meeting (AMM2002) to make policies in good faith in accordance with the consensus of members at AMM2002 during the members' meeting.

Third: WAOE's Voting Members should also vote in elections for WAOE's

Vice President
Membership Director

Executive Secretary

You will receive an email with your log in information once the meeting begins.

WAOE Associate Members who did not request voting membership may participate in discussions of the AMM2002 agenda in the WebBoard and on the Views listserve. However, Associate Members do not vote for officers or on the issues being discussed.

Non-Members have access to discussions taking place on WAOE's unmoderated public discussion list Views once they have self-registered for it, and are most welcome to check out the organization on the Web, starting at: http://www.waoe.org/

For Questions about WAOE Membership, see
or email the WAOE Membership Chair David Wyatt.

WAOE Annual Members' Meeting AGENDA

1. Call to order at 1000 GMT ( 3 a.m. PDT, etc.) on June 28, 2002 at the AMM2002 Discussion in the WebBoard

2. Roll Call: online registration of WAOE Voting Members, asynchronous for about a week

3. President's Welcoming Address

4. Reports from Officers and Committee Chairs

5. View statements by candidates for three of the five WAOE Board of Directors positions

6. Online voting to elect a new Vice-President, Executive Secretary and Membership Chair

7. New Business (Member Initiatives)

  • In the WebBoard, seeking WAOE's collaboration on a grant proposal and other ways to assist e-learning in Kenya.
  • On the Views listserve, Prof. Asif Daya will also lead a discussion on accessibility and e-health technology.
  • In the WebBoard, discussion of restarting and beginning new online publications.
  • In the WebBoard and on the Views listserve, other Members' Business

8. Special Events

8a. WebBoard discussions on the state of online learning pedagogy hosted by Mike Warner at: http://www2.ec.erau.edu:8080/~waoe

8b. Dr. Parker Rossman (formerly at Yale) will join the Views listserve to discuss his online book on the Future of Universities; see: http://ecolecon.missouri.edu/globalresearch/chapters/

In July, WAOE will collaborate with the fourth annual TAPPED IN Summer Carnival and meet Dr. Rossman in a synchronous MOO session from 8 p.m. PDT on July 17, 2002; see:


We'll discuss sections of the online book relevant to facilitating Net empowerment for non-Western scholars, starting with "Planetary Education," Vol. II Chapter 2.17 & 18: http://ecolecon.missouri.edu/globalresearch/chapters/2-17.html

9. Call for Adjournment (of the business of the meeting, with synchronous and asynchronous discussions continuing afterwards) in the WebBoard and on the Views listserve.

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