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Annual Members' Meeting 2002

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Cyber Parliamentarian Report

In support of WAOE operations and the functionality of parliamentarian considerations, efforts continue to refine how best to functionally conduct the business and operations of this virtual Membership Corporation within cyberspace. Using the baseline reference source of Roberts' Rules of Order (RRO), we continue to hone communication forums in ways that will both support and benefit the methodology of conducting the business of a membership corporation that empowers performance in this electronic medium. Initial efforts were focused within the WebBoard related to conducting online meetings (see archived at http://www.waoe.org/site/npo.htm). To date we have, as an organization, conducted twelve elections/meetings thanks to the dedicated efforts of key volunteer officers. Future success will hinge on the continued efforts and of these volunteers and the willingness of new members to get involved. In this global organization of educationally oriented practitioners we continue to break new ground for online functionality. In the spirit of multiculturalism and multilingual efforts we need to keep the focus on our continuing progress to ensure openness and understanding within this structured corporate environment that fosters community and collaboration over expediency and tunnel vision.

The WAOE Bylaws and WebBoard continue to serve as developmental tools as we search to define the best model for the parliamentary process. I would appreciate the assistance of any member that would like to get involved with this effort, no experience with RRO is required. If you wish to contact me privately, you may e-mail me by clicking here <mailto:mwarner1@mindspring.com>

Respectfully submitted,

Michael D. Warner

WAOE Cyber Parliamentarian

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