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Candidate for Vice President - Rafael Molina-Velazquez

Dear Friends and Colleagues around the world,

It is an honor to be nominated by Dr. Arun, and I would like to express my desire to present officially my nomination for WAOE VP.

As it was asked in the views, my experience with non-traditional educational systems started in Mexico where I am from.  In Mexico we pioneered Distance Education in my alma mater University of Montemorelos later we introduced online education at graduate level.  In 1999 I was invited to be part the international team of educators to launch a International graduate program at Nova Southeastern University to promote the graduate programs in instructional technology and distance education into Latin America (Mexico, Venezuela, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, etc) , later I was involved in a e-learning project for the Americas and recently I was invited to join the Hawaii Conference of the Seventh-day Adventists to launch an Online education program for the state of Hawaii and all the South Pacific region.

I have served in several international committees (Canada, USA, Mexico, Venezuela, American Samoa, Papua New Guinea, etc) and participated in international conferences (Canada, Mexico, Venezuela)as well served as strategic advisor for educational institutions and organizations,  Being part of WAOE has take me to promote the association in the Spanish speaking regions of the world including several ongoing projects.

To serve as WAOE Vice-president will enable me to continue promoting our associations worldwide and to strengthen our mission to all regions and languages.

Thank you for the opportunity to accept this nomination, and we are ready to serve you with honor and responsibility.


Rafael Molina-Velazquez


Director of Adventist Online Education

Hawaii Conference of Seventh-day Adventists



Director of Spanish Chapter

World Association of Online Education

Website: http://www.waoe.org/molina/

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