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Annual Members' Meeting 2002

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President's Welcome

Welcome to the Web portfolio of the WAOE 2002 Annual Members' Meeting. As of this writing, the action on our public discussion list Views and in the WebBoard is about to begin. The venues have been limited in order to be accessible and to keep members together. So let your voice be heard.

After constant experimentation with virtual learning environments since WAOE started forming in April 1998, recently the Coordinating Ring is more active than ever, with officers from every region of the world. Non-Westerners identify with WAOE and have made the organization their own, as can be seen from the new candidates in this election.

Many thanks to the three outgoing Directors who will all remain in the Ring to make specific contributions. Membership Chair David Wyatt in Australia will be most familiar to WAOE members since 1998. Vice-President Mihkel Pilv in Estonia was also instrumental in forming WAOE. Executive Secretary Alan Rea in the U.S. has taken the organization to a higher technical level behind the scenes. The infrastructure for this meeting has also been accomplished thanks especially to former-Treasurer Jenna Seehafer and Cyber-Parliamentarian Mike Warner.

A week after this meeting starts, the Annual Board of Directors' meeting begins at the WebBoard, and members are welcome to join in the discussions. The Board will act on recommendations from the Annual Members' Meeting and ratify new officers who hail from Africa to Asia.

To continue the current momentum, more officers will receive WAOE e-mail accounts and subdirectories at our main site. E-mail aliases like membership@waoe.org will be forwarded to several WAOE officers to ensure better service and communication.

As announced a year ago in the WAOE AMM2001 Welcoming Address: http://www.waoe.org/AMM2001/president.htm there is a java-based online certificate available for associate and voting members who wish to make a screen shot and print it out: http://www.waoe.org/membership/certificate/index.html

Most recently, WAOE officer Prof. Roberto Mueller in Brazil has also designed a java-based world map that lights up the location of each WAOE officer, using precise geopositioning. See the WAOE Organization page:


If you return to the meeting agenda you can see concisely what the main issues and activities of this meeting will be. Please be active in the organization according to your membership status, and send any concerns or questions to the Board of Directors via e-mail from anywhere to: board@waoe.org


Steve McCarty , Professor, Kagawa JC, Japan

President, World Association for Online Education (NPO)

Essential Sites: http://www.waoe.org/steve/index.html

Online library (Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library 4-star site): http://www.waoe.org/steve/epublist.html

E-mail: waoe@waoe.org


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