AGM 2000

Annual Members' Meeting 2002

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Officers' Reports

WAOE Board of Directors

President-Steve McCarty (Japan)

Vice President -Mihkel Pilv (Estonia)

Executive Secretary -Alan Rea (USA)

Treasurer - Mike Holmwood (Canada)

Membership Director -David Wyatt (South Australia)

Chairs of Committees

Other Officers' Reports

WAOE Cyber Parliamentarian - Michael D. Warner

Coordinator of the Multilingual Project - Arun-Kumar Tripathi

Procedure for review of online resources and Webmaster of Portugese WAOE site Roberto Mueller (BRAZIL)

WAOE's Agent for Service of Process - Jenna Seehafer

Editor of Journal of Online Education (JOE), Julia Keefer

Journal Editor's Report

JOE is now called Online Journal of Education, Media and Health and is still affiliated with WAOE, which is on the front page. The current issue--2001-2002-- is about Education and Terrorism, and we are still looking for papers. You can access it and its links at www.nyu.edu/classes/keefer/joe/joe.htm

Julia Keefer

New York University

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