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Vice President's Report

Online Voluntarism in Action: TQ Quiz Cup Successfully Over!

Dear WAOE friends,

It's possible to achieve great results with lots of good will/collaboration and nearly non existing funding. TQ Quiz Cup Spring'02 is successfully over! More then 70 countries participated.

Please see the results http://studentfactory.org/quiz/

Obruche (Nigeria) - winner of the 3. Competition - wrote:"Personally, I think THINKQUEST is the greatest! I've become much wiser due to much research I made concerning the questions I answered, in other words the degree of ignorance in me has been very much reduced."

Thanks Grant and TQ staff in Armonk for their collaboration and support. Special thanks to the Stockholm Challenge Award (Sweden), Dominik (Switzerland), Melody (Philippines), Pien (Netherlands), Sel (Australia), Mike (Canada), Giuseppe (Italy), Mike, Tony and Steve (US), Masami (Japan), Tomaz (Slovenia) and many others.

Explanation: Mike from US is Warner and Mike from Canada is Holmwood .... both WAOE members!

Sooo.. this was OUR contest.

Lets do it again coming Fall. Miksike Learning Environment is looking for more good willing partners who are happy to contribute awards, work with TQ Quiz Cup rules and promote the contest. Please let us know about your interest. TQ Quiz Cup has reached to students in many countries. If you have programs, which target online learners internationally (focus on regular schools students, but also older learners welcomed), then let us kindly know. TQ Quiz Cup team & Mihkel (Miksike, Estonia) info@studentfactory.org

Why not to share and collaborate? Glad to communicate!

Thanks for your time and sunshine,

Mihkel Pilv


Jakobi 41, 51006, Tartu, Eesti/Estonia

Tel: 372 742 2550

GSM: 372 518 7695

Fax: 372 742 1841

WWW: http://www.miksike.ee (Eesti)

           http://www.miksike.com (English)

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