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Report from the Chair of the Online Academic Conferences

As a unique, global professional organization relying on volunteer effort from educators, WAOE has not been established any substantial plan to host an online conference that is similar to TCC conference (where the core of WAOE started in 1998). Since WAOE subscribed to MetaCollege, in 2001 AMM, Begum Ibrahim, Academic Conferences Officer and I, along with key members of WAOE organization used its synchronous tool to see communicate with member at large while testing out the tool. The sentiment was that it was way too rudimentary to use it in real purposes. While pursuing what should be done as an organization, I have been exploring affordable tools to help members and board to communicate and eventually lead to possibility of online conference we would like.

Our sponsor, Child Research Network has wanted to present a session during the member meeting in 2002. I have suggested maybe we could do synchronously at TAPPED IN (http://www.tappedin.org), an educational MOO, where I do volunteer HelpDesk and several board members visited last year. Then President Professor McCarty felt that for CRN personnel, it would be easier to discuss in asynchronous manner. Setting up a new listserv using free service (such as YahooGroups) and having people join in discussion in VIEWS list have been suggested. However for some reason, none of these realized for the year 2002 (inside company matters?).

However, there is an online event hosted by WAOE at TAPPED IN on July 17th (Wednesday) at 8:00pm , Pacific Daylight time (18th 3am GMT, noon Japan) It is titled "WAOE: The Future of Universities by Parker Rossman". We'll discuss sections of the online book relevant to facilitating Net empowerment for non-Western scholars, starting with"Planetary Education," Vol. II Chapter 2.17 & 18:


This event acts as a grand finale of Summer Carnival, that is 13-hour non-stop online session.

Schedule of Summer Carnival


Description of WAOE session:


TAPPED IN staff suggested, WAOE could host a regular session similar to this. So far TAPPED IN uses Java Applet called TAPestry to add web navigation to MOO environment, but recently received funding from NSF. A new interface will appear sometime this fall and it is said to be going away from MOO architecture. This will allow Unicode support, which potentially allows multiple language input. Personally I hope WAOE and TAPPED IN work more closely in the near future for synchronous conference. For asynchronous, personally, I would take the stand that VIEWS list might be a good place to hold a session presentation among members.

Keiko Schneider

Chair of the Online Academic Conferences Committee

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