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Annual Members' Meeting 2002

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WAOE Membership Chair Candidates' Statements-

Colin Ong

I am Colin Ong (34 years old), and I run a HR/Training/Research Company (http://www.mrmc.com.sg) .  I am the co-founder of the ASEAN Training Network which has transformed to HRD Gateway (http://www.hrdgateway.org) .  I am very passionate about topics pertaining to HR, innovation and training and was twice interviewed on Malaysian TV (entrepreneurship).  I have also launched a Free Learning Portal at http://courses.yahoo.com/course/mrmc and authored a book of interviews.
I am also a content provider:
Through my course of being a member of WAOE, I have interacted with members off this list.
With my passion, global contacts and expertise, I am suitable for this post.

Colin Ong TS

Email: colin@mrmc.com.sg

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