AGM 2000

Annual Members' Meeting 2002

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WAOE Membership Chair Candidates' Statements-

Arun Kumar Tripathi

Dear respected WAOE Members,

I would like to serve as the WAOE Membership Chair for the next session. Currently, I am holding the post of Multilingual Coordinator, on the Public Information Committee. My name to WAOE colleague and officers is not new; for the past few years (since WAOE founded) I have been doing part of the job in promoting WAOE membership and building a network of educators and pioneers in the field of online education. I will do my best to serve the members and if I get selected, I will do my best to continue to work and support the WAOE agenda.

More details on me can be seen at


http://www.angelfire.com/ks/learning/Socrates_Mind.html and


Thank you very much for support.

Arun Kumar Tripathi


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