AMM 2001

Annual Members' Meeting 2000/2001


First: WAOE voting members please register your attendance as soon as possible after you receive the email containing your log on. Follow the links from the main WAOE Website or go directly to http://www.waoe.org/forms/AMM2001/quorum.htm.

The business of the meeting becomes official only when enough voting members register to establish a quorum.

Before July 6, 2001 at 1000 GMT: and after answering roll call, WAOE voting members should also vote in elections for WAOE President and Treasurer by going directly to http://www.waoe.org/forms/AMM2001/ballot.htm

WAOE VOTING MEMBERS may also discuss and vote on issues concerning the whole WAOE organization on VIEWS and at the WEBBOARD. The time of adjournment is not set, but an Annual Board of Directors Meeting will also commence a week after the Annual Members' Meeting (AMM2001) to make policies in good faith in accordance with the consensus of members at AMM2001.

WAOE ASSOCIATE MEMBERS who have not yet requested voting membership have input into all discussions on the AMM2001 agenda below and free access to many online venues, including course management systems, during and after this meeting.

NON-MEMBERS have access to discussions taking place on WAOE's unmoderated public discussion list VIEWS, and are most welcome to check out the organization on the Web, starting at: http://www.waoe.org/.

For QUESTIONS ABOUT WAOE MEMBERSHIP, see URL: http://www.waoe.org/site/members.htm or e-mail the WAOE Membership Chair David Wyatt: davidwyatt@ozemail.com.au

ALL MEMBERS should have a User ID and password to enter the WebBoard: http://www2.ec.erau.edu:8080/~WAOE For questions about the WAOE WebBoard, please e-mail the WAOE Cyber-Parliamentarian Michael Warner: mwarner1@mindspring.com

Detailed AGENDA

1. Call to order, 1000 GMT (= 3 a.m. PDT, etc.), June 29, 2001

2. Roll Call

3. President's Welcoming Address

4. Election Candidates' Bios and Discussion

  • Steve McCarty (running for President)

  • Mike Holmwood (running for Treasurer)

5. Voting for WAOE President and Treasurer

6. Reports from Officers and Committee Chairs


Committee Chairs

7. New Business Voting Members have the opportunity to forge a consensus on having the Board of Directors address needs that have been recently suggested. Directors must form new policies to implement the will of members, and associate members also have a voice. Discussions generally take place at the WebBoard (http://www2.ec.erau.edu:8080/~WAOE ), augmented by e-mail forwarded through officers.

7a. Offering Membership Certificates

It was found that members in some parts of the world would value having a WAOE Membership Certificate. So officers have been considering ways to make certificates available and to send them by mail when so requested by members. Several WAOE officers and members have offered help with certificates as .pdf files, while Prof. Roberto Mueller in Brazil has devised a Web form utilizing java. The issue before members is whether or not to formally have the Directors make certificates available.

7b. Awarding Websites and E-mail Accounts

It has been observed that some members may have difficulty paying for Websites, or use free sites with intrusive advertisements for their Websites related to online education. Such members would benefit from having assistance from WAOE officers, their own directory and e-mail account at the WAOE Website. WAOE Coordinating Ring members already have these privileges. A simple procedure of nominating members who need this assistance to the Board of Directors, with further conditionality such as voting membership in WAOE would be needed. The issue before members is whether or not to formally have the Directors make such a digital divide policy.

7c. Clarifying the Topic Focus of the Views List

This agenda item was submitted by Prof. Jim Stewart, who has expressed concern over the topic focus of the Views discussion list as it may reflect on WAOE or its members. Issues in online education are clearly the focal point, but the issue is complex in terms of policy legislation. To help serve WAOE's policy of two missions, to the general public as well as to members, Views has remained unmoderated and open to all, a community for members as well as a window to the world, subject to the norms of an academic discussion list. Possible legislation on this issue is therefore for members to reach a consensus on whether or not the topic focus of Views needs to be made more explicit. If so, a policy would have to be developed on the complex issues involved. The Annual WAOE Board of Directors' Meeting starts a week after AMM2001 begins, and the New Business will be precisely to implement the consensus of members on the above issues.

8. Other Business (Special Events for all WAOE members)

8a. MetaCollege Advanced Site participation and Chats

Forthcoming are details and times for logged synchronous chats with a whiteboard at MetaCollege, hosted by Ms. Keiko Schneider in the U.S. and Ms. Begum Ibrahim in Malaysia of the WAOE Online Academic Conferences Committee. WAOE is beginning to pay for the Advanced Site at MetaCollege. After developing the new site, WAOE officers would consider opening up the platform for members to create as well as to join online courses.

8b. WebCT Open House based in Vancouver, Canada

Instructions to enter this course management system will be e-mailed directly to all members and posted at the WAOE WebBoard under this item.

8c. Discussion of Educators and Online Technologies

Mike Warner has introduced this as a Pre-Meeting Warm-Up. It has therefore already commenced at WAOE's WebBoard. Members can find the folder and add to the examples from various countries, where there has often been resistance by educators as well as others to adopting online methods. Please login at: http://www2.ec.erau.edu:8080/~WAOE

8d. Discussion of Children and Computers

At the WebBoard (as above) and on the Views discussion list, Ms. Mariko Tokoro and Ms. Sakura Suzuki of the Child Research Net in Tokyo will host a discussion on Children and Computers. Mariko-san will first present an article describing their work with children and media in the community. Then everyone is welcome to discuss the issues or compare the situation with other cultures around the world. For more information on the Child Research Net, see: http://www.childresearch.net/

9. Call for Adjournment

Meeting Participation

There are four venues for this meeting:

  1. WAOE-VIEWS Listserv: To participate in the meeting, please join our WAOE VIEWS discussion list if you have not done so already . Send email to imailsrv@list.waoe.org containing the following message:
    subscribe views

  2. WAOE WebBoard: An on-line bulletin board used for Board Meetings, OCREWs, etc. One can reach the WAOE WebBoard here. If one needs a login and password, please contact Michael Warner, our Cyberparlimentarian.

  3. The WAOE MetaCollege VLE. (A URL and instructions will be sent by email to WAOE members during the meeting)

  4. The WEBCT Openhouse: The starting URL for WAOE members is http://webct.langara.bc.ca. Instructions for logging in are available on the WAOE WebBoard, in Annual Meeting item 8b. If you have any questions, please contact MIke Holmwood mholmwood@langara.bc.ca